Fetch Rewards: Earn Rewards And Get 2000 Fetch Points Free!

I belong to a couple different reward programs and it can be a hassle to download all the different store apps and scan in my receipts to each one. Fetch Rewards is a new-ish program that I found. It lets me scan ALL my store receipts into one app and earn reward points for each one. So if I shop at Walmart or Kroger here at home or Food City in Tennessee, I can scan them all into one app!

I likes it so much I signed on as an affiliate! I began scanning my receipts as soon as I downloaded the Fetch Rewards app and earned points right away.

Fetch Rewards

It was a little difficult, at first, because you have to take a photo of the receipt and if it is a long one, the second image in your scan has to match up perfectly. I don’t have super steady hands so it was hard to always match it up. That took me a bit to get the hang of but once I did it was easy.

You earn points when you scan receipts but you also earn when you shop for items on the Special Offers list. So, for instance, if I purchased something from this weeks list like Pure Leaf tea or St. Ives lotion, I’d earn points for those. These items change each Wednesday.

Fetch Rewards

There is a section that allows me to create a shopping list so I can have it right inside the app. This makes it easier to keep up with the eligible items and their sizes/quantities I want to purchase as well.

Once you’re ready to cash in those points, there are several gift card options to choose from. I have my eye on a big ‘ole Amazon gift card! I have something on my Amazon wish list that is a little pricey and that gift card will go a long way in saving some money!

Fetch Rewards

I love that I can earn back some rewards when purchasing food we need anyway.

Another feature this app has that other reward programs don’t is recipes. The recipes showcase brands that earn you points. There are all different types like beverages, appetizers, entrees, etc. They are easy recipes and they look so good!

Fetch Rewards

The recipes feature bright, colorful photos and have the ingredients, prep time and instructions written out in a very nice format.

Fetch Rewards Fetch Rewards

I haven’t been using Fetch Rewards long but I’m really enjoying it. I keep the icon on my phone’s “desktop” so I can quickly open it and scan my receipts as soon as I leave a store.

Turn any grocery receipt into savings!

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Use my referral code, Y5TAW, during signup and you’ll get 2,000 Fetch Points just for starting.

Available for Android and Apple. Download here:

Have you tried Fetch Rewards? Check it out and let me know what you think!

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