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Free NY Strip Steaks And Lobster

Want some free NY Strip Steaks and Lobster? New ButcherBox members receive two 10 oz NY Strip Steaks and 1/2 lb of cold-cracked lobster meat when you sign up between 9/26/22 and 10/16/22.

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I was lucky enough to receive some ButcherBox NY Strip Steaks and Lobster tails and, let me tell you, they are phenomenal! In this photo, I had already cut my steak into bites. I had dental work not too long ago and, even though I’m mostly healed, it’s easier to cut everything up. So, I’d cut it up before remembering to take a photo. Either way, you can see just how tasty the NY Strip Steaks are. It was the best steak I’d ever eaten!

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Free NY Strip Steaks And Lobster

New ButcherBox members, click the button below to join and receive two 10 oz NY Strip Steaks and 1/2 lb of cold-cracked lobster!

Clay and I had never tried lobster before and we certainly had never cooked it. We didn’t know the first thing about how to prepare it. I looked on the ButcherBox website and found thawing and cooking instructions and it was simple to do.

We made some garlic butter to dip it in using salted butter, garlic powder and a little parsley. The lobster tails were simply seasoned with salt and pepper and a little lemon juice and then cooked on the grill. Delicious!

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If you’re not a member, yet, but would like to join and, better yet, receive free NY strip steaks AND lobster in your first box, click here to sign up!

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