Take A Romantic Trip To Aruba

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My family and I always head to the mountains for vacation. And we always go as a large group. but sometimes, I’d love for Clay and I to just go on a nice romantic getaway. Just the two of us to somewhere like Aruba.


We have never been on a trip just the two of us. And i have NEVER seen the ocean. Part of me would love to take a cruise. But I think for Aruba travel I’d actually rather fly there and just enjoy the culture more than being on a cruise. We wouldn’t have a lot of time to be away so I think just being there for several nights would be so romantic.


Clay and I are an old married couple who have been together for 100 years with 500 kids (sometimes it feels like that with all the day to day hustle and bustle)  . :0) So we try to spend time alone whenever we can. It’s fun to just be together. I can just imagine “date night” Going to dinner, followed by visiting one of the pier bars and then a walk on the beach at sunset.


We both enjoy horseback riding and hiking so that would be a fun daytime activity to enjoy together. There are a lot of events throughout the year. Things like regattas, Caribbean festivals, music events, etc. So those are also things we could do if we tired of just hanging out on the beach. There’s even karaoke! And we all know how much I love to sing. I’m an online karaoke addict. You may have heard me and not even know it. tehehehe. Anyway, that is something that would make date night fun too.


I am allergic to fish so I might not try all the local cuisine but I have always wanted to try Caribbean Jerk Chicken. I just know it would be so much tastier than what we can get around here. I think the food would be as much fun as the scenery!

And if we did decide to go as a group and not just on a romantic getaway, the guys could golf, the girls could get pampered and the kids would love the Ostrich and butterfly farms. So it would all work out great!

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Have you ever been to Aruba? If so, what was your favorite part of your trip?

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