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I have an awesome grilling bundle for you all. And best of all, it’s free! Between May 16 – June 12, new ButcherBox members will receive two 10 oz ribeye steaks, 5 lbs. of chicken drumsticks, and a pack of burgers for free in their first box.

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ButcherBox Grilling Bundle

With grocery prices as high as they are right now, and the inability to find quality meat in some areas, this is a deal you won’t want to miss. Again, you get in your first box:

  • Two 10 oz ribeye steaks
  • 5 lbs. of chicken drumsticks
  • 1 pack of burgers

That is one heck of a deal and one that will fill your freezer with some meat for the week/month!

Clay grilled us up a couple ButcherBox ribeyes last week and they were phenomenal! OMG they were so tender and delicious and didn’t need a ton of seasoning. He tossed on a little grill seasoning and some butter and that was it.

butcherbox ribeyes

There is a recipe in the Trim Healthy Future cookbook called Jolly Jack Chicken that uses drumsticks, hot sauce and shredded cheddar cheese. I used our ButcherBox drumsticks for that recipe and it was delicious! I need to grab the photo off my camera and will get that uploaded tomorrow. Wait till you see these drumsticks! Lip smacking.

What is your favorite way to fix chicken drumsitcks?

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