Getting To Know French Bulldogs

Families that want to acquire French bulldogs should consider working with a dog breeder in Florida Wellington FL, specifically. There they will discover why Frenchies are such intriguing and loving dogs. 

Getting To Know French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs Are Excellent Companions

Frenchies feel happy and secure when they receive attention and love from their families. They are more than willing to reciprocate at every available opportunity.

They Are Sensitive 

Although Frenchies will sometimes misbehave in ways familiar to most dog owners, gentle corrections are the best way to prevent repeat offenses. Anything too harsh will leave your pup sulking and unhappy, potentially leading it to mistrust you.

They Are Chatty

Frenchies love to vocalize their feelings and desires. Their vocabulary consists of a wide range of sounds, which they are not afraid to use. If your chatty Frenchie does not let you get a word in, you may want to consider training it to speak on command.

Their Ears Change

Frenchies are born with floppy ears that start to lift upward during teething. The ears have either a bat or rose shape and stand erect, away from the skulls when the dogs reach maturity.

They Are Born Via Artificial Insemination and Cesarean

Frenchies have narrow hips, making breeding cumbersome and unreliable. Young pups have broad skulls that make them susceptible to getting stuck in the birth canal. Artificial insemination facilitates breeding, and cesarean deliveries prevent complications for the mother and her litter.

They Have Difficulty Traveling By Water or Air

Short snouts and heavy torsos and legs cause difficulties breathing and staying afloat. Snout anatomy also inhibits breathing for dogs flying in airplane cargo sections. Airlines prohibit Frenchies from flying unless they do not exceed weight limits to travel in cabins. 

They Have English Blood 

Today’s Frenchies derive from English lapdogs who migrated to France in the early nineteenth century, where they bred with terriers to become the dogs we love today.

With their cute expressions and fascinating background, it is clear why Frenchies are among the most popular dog breeds.

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