Heartbreak. Pregnancy Loss. Here we go again.

I am going through a very difficult situation right now as I once again face a pregnancy that wasn’t meant to be. I know I have several product reviews and campaigns to do this week but I will have to postpone those until next week and the week after. I hope no one minds. I’m just not up to working this week. I actually did try to get some work and PR requests done last night to get my mind on other things, but I just couldn’t concentrate so I gave up.

I am just going to copy and paste my status update from my Facebook profile from last night to explain things a little. I am too tired and heartbroken right now to type it all out again. I’ll update more next week.

“I have some very sad news. I was supposed to be 9 weeks pregnant, due April 22 but after a trip to the ER Saturday and follow-up with my OB today due to bleeding/pain an ultrasound & hormone levels show a Blighted Ovum which is an embryonic sac with no baby. D&C scheduled later this week if I don’t pass things at home first. This is my 5th miscarriage in 9 pregnancies. Please keep me in your prayers. God Bless.”

I am actually scheduled for the D&C Wednesday morning. If I’m not too tired or in too much pain tomorrow night I’ll try to get a very quick update posted. Thank you all for hanging in there with me.

17 thoughts on “Heartbreak. Pregnancy Loss. Here we go again.”

  1. I am so sorry Crystal. I will keep you and your family in prayer. Is there anything I can do to help lighten your load while you take some time to heal? Please let me know. God bless.

  2. If I were there I would give you a hug and offer to help take over your pending stuff for you. You need to rest and more importantly GRIEVE (yes, i’ve been there and had that situation too many times myself).
    Cry and grieve is my best advice. THEN you can be stronger and let go, knowing there was a plan you just don’t understand.

    Prayers for a safe and quick (bodily) healing!

    • @nicole, Thank you. I’m trying to allow myself to grieve. It is hard this time because I’m not 100% sure what to grieve for. There was a gestational sac, but not really much inside. It’s hard to wrap my mind around that I think. But I really am doing OK. I’m just taking it moment by moment and holding closely my children I do have. They keep me laughing with their goofy antics so that is always good! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. It helps more than you probably realize. :0)

  3. Best of wishes and my prayers are with you! Please let keep us informed of your recovery both mentally, emotionally and physically! Sorry you are having to go through this yet again. We are here for you!



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