How an Incident With The Police Could Improve Your Finances

The police have a duty of care to us all and it is their priority and their job to protect and serve us. With this being said however, not every dealing with the police is done as it should be, and if you have been a victim of this you could have a case to put forward. A police misconduct specializes in reviewing any dealings which you may have had with the police, and will work on ensuring that the letter of the law was followed. Basically, these are personal injury lawyers specialized in dealing with the police. If officers did something wrong, you may find that you could be in line for some compensation as a result. Here are just some examples of where police misconduct takes place.

Being Falsely Arrested

Police are only allowed to arrest and detain people based on a certain set of circumstances, and if someone is arrested and these circumstances are not met, this is false arrested. This is something which most of us will never experience and that is why if you have been arrested falsely, you are likely to struggle both emotionally and possibly even financially. Even if you are released, there is a stigma which is attached to this arrest, and it is why you should seek legal assistance in taking the case forward.

Police Shooting Death

Whilst social media is not exactly the best place to get facts from, we have seen a large number of police shooing deaths over the last year alone on these platforms. The training which they are given regarding the use of their firearms is that they should only use them if there is a direct threat to their life or if they have exhausted all other possibilities. With this being said however, we are seeing a large volume of wrongful shootings taking place. Naturally the damage which this does to the family of a loved one is immeasurable, and it is why officers should be eld accountable for such actions.

Misuse of Police Taser

The taser is the perfect option for police who wish to apprehend dangerous criminals, and do so in a way which simply debilitates them but causes no long term damage. Saying this however, if you have been tasered by police when you didn’t deserve it, this is deemed as unlawful and you should seek legal advice after this has happened. We often see police officers who have not been given the correct training in taser usage or who have not been focused on the job in hand. This is of course completely unacceptable and it is critical that these cases are brought forward. There is no doubt that 99% of the time, they do the job to a very high standard, but there are always exceptions. If you have been a victim of any level of police misconduct, make sure that you get legal advice, as you may be able to bring them to justice and get some compensation for what has happened.

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