Top 3 Tips Need to Know When Choosing Dog Playpens

When exercising, playing or camping with your pet dog outside, do you worry that your dog will get into trouble or worse, run away? Appropriate and portable dog playpens give you peace of mind and allow you to take your pet with you at all times. Choosing the right dog playpens is a great way to keep our furry friends safe and provide them with plenty of space to romp around.

Outdoor Dog Play Yard

Why Consider A Dog Playpen?

Dog playpens are a great alternative to cages. When you travel or go out to travel on business, and worry about your pet friends running loose around in your house or the garden, destroying the room at sixes and sevens, the dog playpen will give your pet dogs more playing and mobile space.

Dogs are active, you should choose a dog playpen that is safe and high-quality allows your dogs to run and play and get the exercise they need.

Outdoor Dog Playpen

Choosing Tips:

A dog is a smart pet with a playful personality. With their cute furry appearance and smart heads, they always win our affection, both on the outside and on the inside.

Before you bring your canine friend home, you’d better have a proper dog playpen so that your new pet will have a happy and healthy life in your home. But not all dog playpens are created equal.

Listed below are 3 important factors when you’re choosing the best dog playpens. I hope this helps you!

Three Types Of Dog Playpens

Outdoor Dog Playpen

  Outdoor dog playpens are made of wire mesh. These are normally bigger pens than crates and carries, but can easily be set up and dismantled. These playpens are great for when you want to work or relax in the yard.

Indoor Dog Playpen

Indoor playpens are portable and lightweight and can be easily assembled and dismantled. However, they are normally smaller and tend to be lighter than outdoor playpens. They provide personal space for your dog to play and rest in.

Dog Playpen

Portable Dog Playpen

Portable dog pens are usually for small to medium-breed dogs (such dogs are lighter and shorter). You can also buy a customizable one and add panels as your dog grows or make DIY designs to create several different shapes to increase durability, sturdiness, and size. 

Appropriate Size Of Dog Playpens

A large enough dog playpen will provide a space for your pet to ensure safety and allow pets can exercise in it. If you have a puppy, you should know in advance how big and heavy the different breeds will be, and plan the number of pets you want to have, otherwise they will quickly outgrow their baby playpens.

An ideal dog playpen should include the following points.

• The dog playpens should be high enough so that the dog cannot jump out and should be made of material strong enough to withstand the dog’s force.

Outdoor Dog Playpen

• Your dog’s playpen needs to be the right size for your pet (make it bigger if you can, because dogs love to run and play freely), no matter what breed it is. The playpen you choose should have enough room for a dog bed, food and water dishes, and toys for your dog to play with.

• Your dog should be able to stand up, sit down, lie down, turn around and stretch freely.

Choosing The Best Material

Here are the pros and cons of common dog playpens materials.

• Plastic (Plastic is less likely to scratch indoor floors than other materials, lightweight, easy to carry (suitable for people living alone), easy to install, and easy to remove due to its rust-resistant material, have a long lifespan, perfect for outdoor use. )  

  • Metal (Metal dog playpen is easy to install, durable, suitable for larger or heavier dogs, chewable, some metal dog playpen also has the characteristics of rustproof, heat-resistance and improved strength, but the weight is relatively heavy, difficult to carry to outdoor activities)  

• Hardwood (This material is stylish and strong in appearance, but bulky in weight, difficult to move, and difficult to clean in the late stages.)   

  • Polyester fiber (This material makes dog playpens smaller and lighter, so they are easy to carry and suitable for smaller dogs. Polyester dog playpens usually have a removable roof, but they are difficult to clean and can be harmful to heavy chewing dogs).

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There are many types of dog playpens for your dog. When choosing, it’s best to choose indoor/outdoor dog pens that are easy to set up, lightweight, durable, and easy to fold.

It’s also important for owners to know that these playpens are never a substitute for proper walking and exercise, So find an appropriate dog playpen, and enjoy the great outdoors together.

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