How The Massage Chair Came To Be

Massage therapy dates back thousands of years. References to massage are found in ancient writings from around the world including China, Japan, India, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. References can even be seen on Japanese block prints and Egyptian hieroglyphics. These cultures used massage in the belief that if the body achieved a state of calm and harmony then it would be better equipped to fight off demons, viruses, and infection. Massage is a form of therapy that has many health benefits, for example, pain relief, injury rehabilitation, stress reduction, treatment for anxiety or depression, and reducing blood pressure. Massage stimulates the body to produce endorphins.

massage chair

In the Beginning.

Massage has developed different styles, from acupressure to reflexology, which stimulates certain parts of the feet or hands to treat various organs and other parts of the body. Shiatsu is one of the oldest forms of massage. It aims to balance energy in the body by using pressure from the fingertips or palms to adjust natural energy flow, thus stimulating the body to heal itself.

The First Massage Chairs.

Mechanical massage chairs first appeared in the 1950s and have developed along with technology ever since. The first electric massage chair (เก้าอี้นวดไฟฟ้า) was designed in 1954 by Nobuo Fujimoto. He made several trial versions of the chair out of scrap materials before settling on his final chair design.

Traditional Massage Chairs.

Chair massage describes when a therapist gives a massage when you are seated. Chair massage concentrates on the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. Therapists can provide a massage in many different environments due to the portability of the chair, and clients don’t need to undress for their massage. Chair massage is often given in offices, trade shows, conferences, and corporate events.

Robotic Massage Chair.

Robotic massage chairs house internal electronic motors which have been designed to simulate a massage performed by a person. These chairs can be adjusted to alter the type, location, and intensity of your massage. Massage chairs look just like recliners. There are many different types and brands, including budget designs that run on internal batteries. The same technology is used to make massage pads for use on the hands, neck, back, or feet. Massage chairs use a combination of rollers and airbags to simulate the hand motions of a massage therapist. Japan is the largest consumer of massage chairs, and they are mostly made in China nowadays.

New Developments.

Massage chairs differ remarkably in price, style, and versatility. They have embraced technology and been developed to provide more human-like massages. The latest innovations in massage chairs can now stimulate your glutes and reach deep into your muscles to offer an exceptional massage experience. Some massage chairs now offer a Bluetooth sound experience during your massage and can be positioned almost anywhere in your home. The modern massage chair exhibits new design features to help you relax and enjoy a soothing massage whenever the mood takes you.

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