NIRA Laser: Save 15% + Stuff Your Stocking Before It’s Too Late!

Y’all know I love my NIRA laser. It is my favorite skincare device in the world. I can use it no matter how I’m feeling or where I’m at: home or travel. The NIRA Laser will make a fantastic Holiday gift for anyone wanting to reduce wrinkles and improve the appearance of fine lines and skin.

NIRA Laser

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With that said, it’s nearly too late to get it in time for the Holidays. You DO still have a little time. Here are the cut-off dates to order your NIRA laser in time. AND save 15% using my code: CINNAMON (through December 21st))

Final Shipping Dates:

  • December 18th: Last Day for Free Shipping
  • December 20th: Last Day for Priority Shipping
  • December 21st: Last Day for Expedited Shipping

Keep in mind, once your NIRA laser or Hyaluronic Acid leaves their shipping room, it is still up to the courier to get it to you on time. These dates should get it to you in time, though.

For a limited time: Save 15% Off your NIRA products using my code: CINNAMON! (through December 21st))

Order Your NIRA LAser

Order your NIRA Laser, using my link and code: CINNAMON, and save, at least, 10% off your order! (discount may vary throughout the year but is never less than 10%)

What Is The NIRA Laser:

This periorbital laser, works by sending a pulse of heat through the layers of skin, causing your own body to rebuild it’s natural collagen, which then plumps the skin, reducing wrinkles. Original post

How To Use The NIRA Laser:

The NIRA laser is incredibly easy to use! You literally just point and treat. The Precision has a button you push to initiate each pulse of heat. The Pro does it automatically when it makes contact with your skin. Both have different intensity levels. I prefer the lowest setting but have gone up one level on occasion. I’m a wimp and don’t like overly warm things so the lowest setting works perfectly for me. I have tried the highest level and, while it didn’t burn, I just preferred the lowest.

I have both the NIRA Precision Laser and the NIRA Pro Laser. I don’t have a favorite because both work on different areas of the face.

The NIRA Precision Laser is the original and it works on the orbital eye area. The tip is smaller and fits around the eye perfectly.

The NIRA Pro has a wider tip and works well on larger areas of the face, neck and decolletage area.

Both devices do the same thing. They are just better for different areas.

The Hyaluronic Acid is a serum to be used post-treatment. It re-hydrates the skin and reduces any redness caused from the heat pulses. In my experience, any redness is extremely minimal and goes away within 20 – 30 minutes. The serum just adds a nice layer of protection to the skin and, like I said, really hydrates it. I love to add a moisturizer after my serum to really lock in the moisture and hydration.

Be sure to order by the dates listed above if you want to get or gift a NIRA Laser this Holiday season!

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