How To Break Those Bad Habits

What might start off as something relatively harmless and something you enjoy can soon turn into something disruptive for your life, and the life of the people around you. Most of the time, we aren’t aware they have moved into a more dangerous habit or something that is harming us. Those around us, if they love us, are often well aware things need to change.

Not all bad habits are damaging to us physically, emotionally or mentally – but they might impact us in big ways anyway. So how do you break bad habits? 

Why do we cultivate bad habits? 

Bad habits usually start as a coping mechanism for other things that are going on with us. Other times they come from boredom or trying to fit in with people around you. Stress, boredom and peer pressure are dangerous as single issues but can be something much worse when in unison. 

Can you just ditch bad habits?

Yes and no. A habit is something we have built into our lives, and we make room for it financially, with time and mental space. Everything from drinking and drugs to dangerous behaviours putting us in physical situations, to avoiding people, work or cleaning. 

Bad habits take up space, and when you quit them, you have a space in your life – and you will feel the need to fill it back up again. Replacing bad habits with good ones is a good way to go – for example, swapping smoking for gum or lollipops. When you go to rehab for alcohol, you will leave how to replace the habit with something else. 

So how can you break a bad habit? 

Choose just one – because if you are choosing multiple bad habits, you are quickly going to let things slide, feel bad and go back to the bad habit. Instead, select a single one – whatever is the most impactful one to you, and focus on finding a substitute. 

For example, if it is a social media addiction, could you replace it with writing a few sentences about what you were going to look for? 


For smokers, either alcohol or coffee are the typical triggers, and those can be tricky to cut out – but you should pay attention to them. Perhaps you just can’t stop watching Tv and want to spend your time more productively – cancel your subscriptions, and instead of heading for the couch when the day is over – sit somewhere else. 

Uncover your triggers, avoid them, or build a routine where you don’t do that thing or go to that place. 


On the journey of self-improvement and kicking bad habits, we are likely to fail, fail and then fail again. While failure will set you back in your journey and, in some cases, will be a catastrophic event, accept that you may fail, but it will not see you ‘falling off the wagon’. Failure happens, and how we deal with it matters a lot. 
Perhaps you have no ‘serious’ bad habits but want to make some changes in your life; here are some to consider: 4 Habits To Try And Kick This Summer.

We are not doctors and this is in no way intended to be used as medical advice and we cannot be held responsible for your results. As with any product, service or supplement, use at your own risk. Always do your own research before using.

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