How To Choose The Right Concealed Carry Leggings For Your Needs

Concealed carry experts recommend carrying your firearm on your body rather than in a purse or handbag. Carrying in a bag poses the risk that your weapon could get lost or stolen.

Leggings that conceal your gun provide an excellent option for women who prefer to carry concealed. However, not all leggings are designed to support a firearm and hold it securely.

Concealed Carry Leggings


Many women love to carry a concealed firearm in leggings, but it can be tricky. The fit of the leggings has a significant impact on how easily and safely you can hide your weapon and draw it in an emergency. It is also essential to know which type of gun you will carry in the leggings because some are designed for lighter guns, and others are not.

It is essential to avoid over-concealing, which means stacking on too many layers of clothing to hide your weapon out of fear of printing or showing up for a traffic stop. This will prevent you from being able to access your firearm in an emergency and can be even more dangerous than under-concealing it.

One great option for concealing a firearm in leggings is the Fabriclip clip. This is a secure and discreet holster that locks onto clothing but unlocks before it breaks or damages the fabric. It is perfect for leggings, compression shorts, thinner waistbands, and purse pouches.


Many women have seen leggings advertised with the capability to conceal carry a firearm. While this may seem convenient, it can also be dangerous if not done correctly. It’s essential to practice with any covered clothing item, including leggings, to make sure you can quickly clear the pocket and draw in a high-stress situation.

It’s also essential to choose a pair of leggings with sufficient pocket space for your EDC items, such as pepper spray, knives, flashlights, and tourniquets. This way, you’ll be fully prepared for any situation.

If you’re looking for concealed carry leggings that will keep your gun secure, check out the women’s tactical leggings from Defender Tactical. These leggings feature a concealed front pocket in the appendix and 5 o’clock position and two external side pockets for additional storage. They’re comfortable and durable, making them perfect for work or play. Plus, they have a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Retention strap

One of the most important considerations when purchasing leggings for concealed carry is the retention strap. Some people prefer to avoid the belt entirely, while others feel that it makes the process of drawing a firearm faster and safer. The Alexo Athletica leggings offer a holster that has a detachable strap, which allows you to customize it to your needs.

Moreover, these leggings are designed to be comfortable for women who want to exercise while carrying their firearms. They are available as full-length pants, three-quarter length, and shorts and are made of nylon and spandex. They also feature a zipper closure and a holster on the waist area.

Another consideration when buying concealment leggings is ensuring they have enough support. This is essential because if the leggings are too thin, they will not be able to support your gun. In addition, too many layers can also inhibit your ability to draw your weapon in an emergency.


Many concealed carry leggings offer a pocket for your gun. The bags are large enough for a spare magazine or a knife, and they can be accessed without removing the weapon from its holster. You can even use a concealed gun holder or belt to keep your firearm secure in the pocket.

However, you should note that this type of leggings is unsafe for carrying a loaded firearm. You should only wear them with a fully charged gun in a holster designed for your specific weapon. Also, it is essential to wear a gun that fits your hand so you can easily retrieve and draw it when needed.

If you are not comfortable with carrying a concealed firearm in a pocket, you can use thigh holsters or bra holsters. These options are an excellent choice for women who want to conceal carry in tight-fitting clothing, such as leggings. You can also wear a dress over your thigh or bra holster to ensure it is invisible to people around you.

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