Give Your Son Or Daughter A Stylish Kids Travel Bag This Holiday Season

Whenever we travel, our kids love to pack their own “go-bag”. They like having something they can keep in the truck seat with them and feel more grown-up when they get to have a hand in packing their own things. It helps them keep up with their things better too. To make it more fun, we like to give the kids their own , stylish, kids travel bag. A duffle bag or large tote works perfectly for this!

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One of my favorite brands is Bixbee and we recently teamed up with them to show you one of their large duffle bags. Our middle daughter loves the colors purple and turquoise (like her mama), so I chose the Sparkalicious Large Turquiose Duffle Bag for her birthday. It’s super glittery and fun and she loves it!

Bixbee Kids Travel Bag - Sparkalicious Large Turquoise Duffle

The glittery isn’t a problem, though, like you may think. It doesn’t flake off or cause a mess of glitter everywhere. It is sealed onto the back and stays in place. I’ve seen, maybe 2 pieces of glitter from the bag, if that.

It holds a ton of items too. This bag has one zippered pocket on the outside and 3 deep, flat pockets on the inside. So our daughter can store all her necessities like lip balm or makeup, mirror and brush, phone charger, etc. in her go-bag. Then, when she needs something, she can just grab it out.

Bixbee Sparkalicious Large Turquoise Duffle Inside Pockets

The bag is a great size too, measuring at 17″ wide x 9″ deep x 9″ high. It is large enough to hold all her stuff while still being small enough to fit in the floor board of the truck. So, all the kids can take a bag with them and still have plenty of leg room.

For carrying, this kids travel bag has two carrying handles, one on each side, as well as a large, adjustable shoulder strap that extends to 43 inches. So, it can be carried on the shoulder or as a cross-body.

Bixbee Kids Travel Bag

Our daughter was really excited when she opened up her bag. I wan’t sure how she’d like receiving one as a birthday present, but honestly, I was out of ideas. I happen to have a love for bags, and apparently, she does too. She was thrilled and loves the color, the sparkle and the size.

We didn’t get to travel with the kids over their fall break so I don’t have any photos of the bag in use while traveling but I did get some of another of our daughters (and even our cat, Leo) modeling with her sisters bag. She wants one now, too! Needless to say, the birthday girl didn’t get a chance to be in the photos with her bag because her little sister was hogging it all weekend. πŸ˜‚

This isn’t her first glittery, Bixbee bag, though. We showcased one of their kids backpacks in a post here, a few years ago. She adored that bag too!

Kids Travel Bag - Sparkalicious Large Turquoise Duffle

I’ll be sure to update this post the next time we’re able to get away as a family!

Have you used a Bixbee bag? Do your kids take a go-bag with them when traveling and if so, what are some must-have items they keep inside?

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