How To Create A Cozy Den Your Teens Will Love

It is natural for children to want their own space as they get older. Teenagers crave independence and having a relaxing space they can retreat to can be a lifesaver, especially if they have younger siblings who can be noisy and demanding. A bedroom haven is great, but if you have the space, why not create a den for your teenager?

Finding the Right Space

You might already have an underused room in your home which is ripe for transforming into a den, but if not, there are alternatives. Converting your loft space or basement can be a great investment as well as giving your teenager a space away from the rest of the family. A space away from the house can be another option, with summer houses, sheds and garages all places that can be easily transformed.

Give Your Teen a Voice

When you’re planning the den, remember who the space is for. Although it is tempting to stamp your own personality on it, you want your teen to feel as though they have had a say in the matter. Listen to their views on décor and furniture and consider which elements can be used. Compromise can be key here if you have differing tastes.

All Mod Cons

Teenagers love gadgets so talk to them about what they need in their space. If they are dedicated gamers, having their PC in the den can allow them to play away from the distractions of the house. Film buffs will love a home cinema set-up. A fridge can be an excellent addition, so they have access to juice and snacks. Most importantly, ensure there is Wi-Fi connection so they can access social media, Netflix etc.

Comfort is Key

Making a space cozy and warm will draw your teen in so think carefully about how you dress the den. Teens like to chill out, which is why so many of them spend time lazing in bed as they scroll through Instagram. You won’t want a bed in your den, but there are other ways to make it a space where your teenager can relax. Cushions and beanbags are great for creating an inviting den and have the added bonus of being easy to move around the room. Whether you choose smaller cushions or a beanbag as big as the SuperSac, you can be sure it is the perfect space for relaxing. Don’t forget to add blankets and throws and mood lighting in the form of fairy lights or LEDs.

Welcome Their Friends

Having a cool den is great but it’s even better when shared with friends. Encourage your teen to invite their friends around so they can make memories in the space. If you feel the need to set ground rules, make sure they are clearly laid out from the start. Stock up on snacks – teenagers have big appetites!

Adding a den specifically designed for your teen can benefit the whole family so be creative and have fun!

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