4 Benefits Of Having A Separate Laundry Room In Your Home

While most homes used to have dedicated laundry rooms, they largely disappeared from smaller houses and apartments as architects and property owners tried to maximize the space they had to work with. Some shrunk or eliminated them to make room for spaces that were used more frequently, such as the kitchen. The laundry room is making a comeback, with many architects now making space for them. If you are building a new house or renovating an existing one, here is why it should have a separate laundry room.

It Saves Space Elsewhere

Everyone wants the convenience of having a washer and dryer in their home. But where would you put them if you did not have a separate laundry room? Many people keep them in the kitchen or the bathroom, but this is not ideal because modern models take up a lot of space.

Additionally, they make the space difficult to use if you are doing your laundry and need to prepare a meal or take a shower. Separate laundry rooms free up a lot of space in these areas, making the areas freer and more functional.

It Allows For Proper Plumbing

A separate laundry room allows enough space for the required plumbing. Many homeowners do not know that their washing machine’s drain hose is not directly connected to a waste line because doing so increases the risk of sewer fumes and overflowing water where such connections exist.

Instead, the machine’s drain hose is connected to a standpipe, which is connected to the p-trap. The p-trap is connected to the standpipe on one end and a horizontal drainpipe on the other. The drainpipe is then connected to a vent that allows gasses to escape.

Without enough space in the laundry room, a plumber would be unable to install, let alone repair or replace components like the p-trap for washing machine.

It Helps You Keep Chemicals Secure

Most cleaning products are harmful to people and pets if they are ingested or get on the skin. A separate laundry room helps you separate these chemicals from everything else and store them far from the reach of children and pets.

If you opt not to or cannot lock your laundry room, you can install some shelves or lockable cabinets to stow them securely.

It Keeps Things Organized

Most homes that do not have a laundry room have laundry baskets or bins placed in various rooms for people to put their clothes in. Sometimes, these baskets or bins overflow, making these rooms look untidy. Additionally, the person doing the laundry needs a “staging” area to separate and organize clothes before washing them.

With a separate laundry room, you can have a single laundry basket or bin for everyone to put their clothes in. When you decide to do the laundry, you will have enough space to separate and organize the clothes, making things much easier.

You should consider having a separate laundry room if you have the space. It makes things much easier and more organized on laundry day, ensures your kids and pets cannot access potentially dangerous chemicals, and allows the house to have proper and separate plumbing that can be repaired or replaced easily.

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