Sump Pump Installation: What Are The Benefits?

If you own a house with a crawl space or basement, you should be always ready for floods and water damage. Flooding is like a sneaky enemy that can turn your hideout into a soggy and wet mess. It can cause significant damage, destroy your personal belongings, and become a reason for unexpected expenses. The good news is there is one efficient solution and device that can be very helpful – a sump pump. It is installed in a sump pit dug at the lowest point of your house, including a basement or crawlspace. Sump pumps are also often installed in construction sites, industrial buildings, power plants, mines, etc.  A sump pump is an efficient addition to your house that will protect it from floods and water damage. Let’s talk about the importance of sump pump installation and what benefits it has. 

What Are the Benefits Of Having a Sump Pump In a Basement or Crawlspace?

  • Flooding prevention. The primary mission of a sump pump is to catch water and remove it safely. As a result, it prevents flooding and damage caused by it. Thus, if you want to avoid flooding problems, it is highly recommended to install a sump pump. 
  • Fire safety. It might sound weird, but a sump pump system can also help stop a fire from starting. You may not know it, but flooding is actually one of the main causes of electrical fires. For instance, when it rains, water can seep inside the electrical system of your house and short-circuit appliances in the basement and crawlspace. As a result, these appliances can be ruined, and this can cause an electrical fire due to short-circuiting. Sump pump installation can reduce this risk significantly. 
  • Better structural stability. If you do not remove water from your basement or crawlspace, the consequences can be quite severe. Mold and mildew can start thriving, which can result in wood rot over time. Even though it may not happen overnight, slow deterioration of your home’s structure will become apparent at some point, and it will be difficult to repair.  Moreover, once structural damage occurs, other issues can escalate. As a result, your home can be inhabitable and unsafe to live in. 
  • More effective solution than waterproofing. External waterproofing is an effective way to protect your home, but it is not as effective as sump pump installation. Waterproof coatings have many disadvantages: they often crack, weaken, and fail to work properly. As a result, you may find yourself in a situation where you invested in waterproofing but did not get the results you expected. Therefore, it is better to consider a sump pump instead. In most situations, sump pump systems are more reliable than waterproofing. 
  • Sump pumps are active systems. This means they work actively to keep water away from your home and prevent water damage. Unlike a sum pump, external waterproofing and basement drains are known as passive systems, meaning that they are present only when something is actually happening. 

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