How To Hang Curtains In Your Home

Curtains are an essential for every home, unless you like being blinded by sunlight and passers-by peeking through your windows that is! So unless you’re a bit of a masochist, you’ll want and need curtains hanging in your homes windows to dim light from outside and secure your privacy.

How To Hang Curtains In Your Home

When it comes to putting curtains up in your home, the easiest part of the process is choosing what curtains you want for your home. Whether you stroll around your local homeware store, or order fabric samples from an online retailer, it’s rather fun to pick out your new curtains.

But once you’ve got your home’s new curtains, you’ll need to hang them up and this is where things can get tricky as you’ll need to use your DIY skills to get your curtain hanging, so let’s look at how you can hang your new curtains.

Hooked Curtains

With hooked curtains you will need a curtain rail in place near your window to attach the curtains to, so if you don’t already have a curtain rail or track in place, you’ll need to buy one and install it first.

Installing a curtain rail is actually rather simple, you’ll just need to attach the brackets to the window recess by drilling them into place in the wall, following manufacturer’s instructions to make sure they’re evenly distributed.

Once your brackets are in place, you simply need to clip the curtain track into the brackets, it should easily click into place and once your rail is p you can begin to hang your curtains.

Connecting hooked curtains to a curtain rail, is a simple affair, the curtain track should have some rollers on them with a hole to thread the curtain hooks through. Going from one side to another, just slide the hooks on the curtains through the holes in the curtain track’s rollers.

Once that’s done, you have successfully hung a new set of curtains in your home – well done you!

Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains are a bit different to hooked curtains, rather than hooking onto a track, with eyelet curtains, you thread a curtain pole through the eyelets of the curtain. To do that, you will need to install a curtain pole, if you don’t already have one.

To install a curtain pole, you’ll just need to drill brackets into place in the window recess or against a wall near the window. You should follow manufacturers instructions to know where to place your brackets.

Once your brackets are in place, simply put the pole on the brackets, most curtain pole brackets have a little holder for the pole, so just place it there, making sure each side of the pole is resting on the bracket.

To attach your eyelet curtains to the pole, you’ll want to take the pole off the brackets. Then starting from one side, thread the curtain pole through the eyelet holes at the top of the curtain and place the pole with curtains attached back in the brackets. And after that, you have successfully hung your new eyelet curtains – congratulations!

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