How To Look Like A Celebrity For Under $100

You don’t need a million dollars to dress like your favorite celebrity. Don’t miss this frugal guide on how to look like a celebrity for under a hundred bucks.

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Perfect hair, flawless skin, toned body? This is how celebrities always look on the cover of our magazines. It seems unattainable, but it’s possible to learn how to look like a celebrity.

If you think it’s impossible to look like a celebrity overnight for $100, you’re right. Even celebrities spend months at the gym to get in shape. It takes hours to do their makeup before going out. And all those “I woke up like this” selfies? They’re staged.

How To Look Like A Celebrity For Under $100

So how do celebrities make life look so easy? Some of them have the time and money to sculpt their image. But most of them know how to do the hard work behind the scenes where you can’t see it.

Looking like a celebrity will take time and energy. It doesn’t have to break your bank. If you want to look like you belong on the pages of Vogue, keep reading.

How To Look Like a Celebrity for Under $100

Every tip on our list can either by DIY’d or bought at a low price. While you can do this stuff alone, don’t be shy about inviting your friends to help you!

Stay Fit

Most celebrities train like athletes to keep their body looking good. For them, that it means a few hours with a personal trainer every day.

But you don’t have to drop hundreds of dollars every year on a personal trainer to get in shape. You can run or lift weights at home. If you want, you can take a dance class with your friends.

No matter how you decide to keep fit, make sure to do it every day.

Eat Well

Celebrities can afford to hire professional cooks and dieticians. That’s why it looks like they eat whatever they want and don’t gain a pound.

While there are plenty of trendy diets, eating healthy comes down to the same things we learned in school. You have to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and cut down on sugar. Above all, do not starve yourself!

How can you afford these healthy foods? By doing some research, you can find a list of cheap healthy foods that keep you full. Find out if there are any farmer’s markets in your city. You can also ask around about where to find the cheapest and best produce.

Celebrities know how to treat their bodies well with good food. Learn to do the same so you can look like a celebrity.

Take Care of Your Skin

A celebrity’s face is their best asset, so you know they take care of it. No amount of makeup in the world can cover up bad skin. Even if you contour and “bake” your makeup, the best primer for your face is great skin.

Good skin doesn’t appear overnight, even though these masks make you think so. You’ll need to do some research about what works best for your skin, age, and climate.

Find the skincare products that work for you and your budget. Your skin will glow like a celebrity’s in no time!

Hair Care is Important

Celebrities always seem to have amazing hair. Even celebrities who bleach their hair look wonderful. Part of that is due to extensions, but it’s also because they take care of their hair.

Unless you can afford regular hair treatments, it’s best to stick to the basics. Use a nice shampoo that’s chemical free to massage your scalp. The longer you massage your scalp, the better for your hair.

Follow that up with a dose of conditioner on the ends of your hair. This helps avoid breakage and keeps your hair shiny looking.

The last tip on how to look like a celebrity with great hair? Regular hair trimming appointments cost as low as $30 and leave your hair looking fresh.

Dress Well

Do you ever wonder how celebrities can throw on anything, and look amazing? It’s not because they’re buying expensive designer clothes.

It’s because celebrities get their clothes tailored.

That’s it. They send their clothes to the tailor, and everything they wear looks like a custom piece.

You can take your clothes to a local tailor, and get the same professional results as celebrities. But if you’re strapped for cash, learn to do it yourself.

Be Smart with Your Make-Up Brush

Every celebrity knows how to rock the “no-makeup” look. That’s because they know that every day doesn’t need a full face of makeup.

You should know how to go all out on the occasion. Red carpet premieres do exist, after all. But the best way to look like a celebrity is to know how to work with the makeup you already have.

It’s All in the Details

Do you want to know how someone has money? Check out the details of their look.

If their makeup looks amazing, but they have some big chin hairs, then are they really put together? How about their clothes; are they ironed and pressed? Are their nails chipped, or do their hands look flawless?

If you want to know how to look like a celebrity, pay attention to the little things. Get more info about the best razors so you never have any stubble. Do your nails once a week. Make sure you iron everything before putting it on.

The little things slip through the cracks all the time. That’s why they can make you stand out in a crowd.

Work with What Your Mamma Gave Ya

There’s a saying in show business: “Fake it till you make it.”

It seems trite, but what’s the one thing all celebrities have in common? The ability to project insane amounts of confidence.

Learning how to project confidence is the cheapest way to look like a celebrity. So start practicing! Own what you got, and no one will be able to second guess you.

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