How to Master Eccentric English Design and Amaze Your Guests

Most people choose to be careful when designing their interiors. They opt for a calm combination of light colors, minimalist furniture, simple patterns, and a healthy amount of decorations. A safe choice that ensures that your space remains timeless, simple, and sophisticated.

However, your home should resemble your personality, and as you are a unique personality, you have to go a tad bit crazy when deciding on your interiors. Here comes eccentric English design, an unapologetic mix of saturated colors, bold patterns and textures, weird decorative elements, and unusual artwork. It is a style that defies the rules and norms as we know them and allows you to express your individuality and humor.

But how do you achieve the eccentric English look? The answer is simple — mix different patterns, colors, styles, and so on. You need to incorporate both modern and old, throw in bizarre, and gradually build your decorative elements collection. The more flamboyant, the better. Here is how to master eccentric English design:

Mix Styles and Influences

You don’t have to stick to one style or theme when it comes to an eccentric English design. In fact, this is the main idea of this style — to mix different styles, eras, and influences. This means that you should have a few pieces of classic English furniture, but also a few modern ones.

For example, pick a modern lift top coffee table and combine it with a couple of mid-century chairs, then proceed to add an Italian ceramic tile floor, a minimalistic lamp, a clean white couch, and a colorful rug. The combinations are endless, so go crazy! The more eclectic, the better.

Let the Colors Rule Your Life

The eccentric English style is all about colors. You may decorate your walls in bright reds and yellows, paint your furniture in vibrant blue, use bold orange for your tableware or coffee mugs, and incorporate multicolored cushions into your interior design. Mixing colorful paintings with black-and-white photographs will also look great.

If you are afraid you will go overboard, stick to one or two colors you like the most. But do not be afraid of mixing different shades of the same color, as this will create an interesting contrast.

Add a Touch of Bizarre

The British have always had a sense of humor and have always enjoyed poking fun at themselves. It is no wonder that eccentric English design combines common elements such as telephone booths, cottages, butlers, and other weird decorations.

You can choose a traditional English escutcheon plate or a cute urn filled with flowers as part of your design. But do not stop there — add a bronze bust of Queen Victoria somewhere in the corner, or place a cat statue on top of an antique chest of drawers.

Eccentric English interiors don’t have to make sense — they just need to make you feel happy! That’s why it’s important to add unexpected elements that simply make you smile. Add a rubber chicken near the entrance or place a gigantic pencil on your staircase. Be creative, put your imagination to work, and add whatever makes you happy!

Incorporate Patterned Textiles

Eccentric English design is all about patterns. There are many ways to include patterned textiles in your home design: rugs, sheets for couches and chairs, curtains, tablecloths, etc. You can choose from delicate floral patterns to bold stripes, geometric shapes, and abstract images.

Instead of choosing one pattern and sticking to it all over your design, you should opt for various patterns from different eras and styles. Mix old-fashioned floral patterns with modern geometric designs and conventional florals with unusual polka dots.

Use Weird Wallpapers

Another popular way to include patterns in your eccentric English design is to use weird wallpapers. You should opt for abstract prints and animal designs, as well as geometric shapes and vintage floral patterns. Not weird enough? Then what about dancing unicorns, naked-lady design, or baroque cupids?

If you are not sure how to do it, take a look at some photos of eccentric interiors and try to recreate the look in your home. Just remember that the patterns should be bold and the colors vivid. Otherwise, you will just create a dull copy of the original eccentric English design.

Display Your Personality and Interests

The eccentric English style is a great way to express your personality. For example, you can place Victorian paintings and drawings of mythical beasts in your living room or place a collection of vintage cameras on top of your side table. This will allow you to show off your interests and hobbies.

If you love sports, display vintage photos of famous football players or boxing champions. You can also use photos of your family members or friends or arrange your book collection in an unconventional way.

We collect so many knick-knacks over our lifetime, and they usually gather dust in some old box in our basement or attic. Display all of it, show those little pieces of your life. This way, your interior will become a journey through memories.

In Conclusion

Eccentric English design is an interesting style that combines various periods, styles, and influences. It can be a little overwhelming at first, as it requires you to be bold and daring. However, if you are tired of all those minimalistic interiors, this is a great way to create a unique interior design with a sense of humor.

The eccentric English design is a perfect solution for those who want to create an eye-catching and unusual interior. It is a style that uses bold colors and contrasting patterns, eccentric decorative elements, vintage prints, and bizarre photography. Remember that the more eccentric your design looks, the better!

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