Hurricane: How To Protect Your Windows And Doors From Impact

A homeowner’s worst nightmare during a hurricane is seeing their roof pulled off and tossed like a frisbee. Fortunately, you are more likely to be hit by flying debris via your windows or doors than your roof.

So rather than fear for your roof, which, depending on its quality, can hold off during a hurricane, you should channel your attention to other more vulnerable areas like your windows and doors.

Here are some tips on how to protect your windows and doors during a hurricane.

Hurricane: How To Protect Your Windows And Doors From Impact

1. Leverage plywood

Installing plywood across your windows is a good way to protect them from fierce hurricane storms. This DIY method is affordable and effective. However, it isn’t recommended as a last-minute solution as it takes a lot of time and effort to install, depending on the number of windows you have.

Plywood doesn’t only protect your windows from harm. It also protects you from debris that may want to find its way into your home via your window. It acts as a shield, protecting your glass and home occupants from flying debris.

Ensure you install the plywood outside your home, so it performs its job effectively. If you anticipate a storm or hurricane, try pre-cut the plywood according to the dimensions of your windows. And get the screw anchors ready to make them easy to install when the time comes.

2. Buy a storm shutter

As the name implies, storm shutters are barriers or materials designed to prevent window damage from storms. Though an expensive option compared to plywood, storm shutters are effective in getting the job done; they’re even more so when combined with impact-resistant windows for an extra layer of protection.

Many of these materials have a roll-up or accordion design that allows you to permanently affix them to your home and pull them down for protection when needed. Storm shutters allow light to penetrate the window, keeping your home bright during the day.

3. Impact doors

Installing impact doors is an effective way to protect your home from flying debris and damage during a hurricane. Hurricane Impact Doors are nothing like the typical doors you know. These doors are specifically made to resist objects being thrown at them.

In fact, some of these doors come with decorative glass, which will not shatter the way typical doors do when struck. Hurricane impact doors aren’t only designed to protect your home. They can also maintain their beauty.

4. Curtains and blinds should remain shut.

After setting up preventive measures to protect your windows and doors from damage, what next? You may want to shut your windows and blinds.

Doing this will make it difficult for glass and flying debris to strike you should your window get broken. However, if you leave your curtains open, you and your family will risk being struck by broken glass or flying debris.

5. Remove dangerous items on the property.

Are there dangerous lawn equipment like trimmers, power tools, rakes, shove, and soil knives on your property?

Keep them safe to prevent them from being used as a projectile that could damage your home during a hurricane. If you reside in rural areas, try to clear your yard of weak trees that could fall during high winds.


Hurricanes are responsible for the highest number of deaths (6,697 between 1980 and 2021) and most damage (worth $1.1 trillion).

While we can do little to prevent the occurrence of a hurricane, there is much we can do to protect our homes and families from one. Even while you implement these tips, try to get homeowners insurance if you can for max coverage.

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