Men’s Jewelry Trends That Will Never Die

The history of men’s jewelry has come a long way picking the most iconic items to permanently remain in trends. The jewelry that has been time-tested is the one that has passed a severe verification by fashion and style as well and has gained approval of the jewelry connoisseurs and ordinary people who simply love pretty accessories. Among the men’s jewelry there are quite a few items that remain trendy not for months or years, but for decades and even centuries. We’re going to discuss some of the must-have pieces of the men’s jewelry, and if you want to know more about the accessories that are able to polish your look to perfection, you are welcome to join.

Men’s Jewelry Trends That Will Never Die

1. Earrings

Despite the rather cautious attitude of men towards earrings today, the custom dates back to primitive Indian tribes. It was common for men to wear earrings as a symbol of status or age. Later this jewelry became popular with sailors who connected their beliefs and superstitions with it. An earring has become the sign that the sailor had either sailed around the world or survived the shipwreck. In the late

20th century the men wearing earrings were the bold and daring young people who decided to challenge the common social rules of fashion and behavior, and thus the earrings were the accessory helping to express their rebellion.

Nowadays, the earrings for men are an excellent way to demonstrate their sense of style and extravagant taste without giving a second thought to the symbolism. We can’t be sure that wearing this jewelry piece won’t get any new interpretations in the future, but at least we know the styles of men’s earrings that will never die.

Hoops have come all the way from Indian tribes and to the present, and their concept hasn’t changed much. Though the design and some decorative elements might have undergone some alterations and upgrades, they are still the good old hoops all the men love so much.

And they are still able to fill the look with the power of wisdom whispered by the wild nature which inspired Indians, the breath of fresh salty air that led sailors, and the rebellious spirit that helped the brave fight for their rights and freedom. Hoop earrings are the good choice for men willing to express their confidence, boldness and authenticity.

For the men who prefer more subtle items, we recommend considering diamond studs. They represent the luxury jewelry that is not too flashy, but stylish enough to draw approving gazes. Besides, the diamond studs will fit easily with any men’s look, whether it’s the effortless casual clothes, or the expensive business suit. They will make the appropriate accessory even with the tuxedo. Simple yet shiny diamond studs are the jewelry to emphasize your masculine sensuality and make an accent on your elegant style.

Men’s Jewelry Trends That Will Never Die

2. Necklaces

There’s no need to dive deep into the history of men’s necklaces to find the one that will surely remain trendy for many years to come. The Cuban link chain necklace burst into the jewelry world in the 1970th, led by the rising popularity of rap culture and hip-hop fashion. Its massive pattern of flat twisted oval links has won millions of men’s hearts over more than 50 years of being among the jewelry top trends.

This season the Cuban chain is once again leading the jewelry tendencies in necklaces. Its secret lies in its combination of glamorous look and practical features. The Cuban link chain is the necklace for men who value strength, as the durability of the chain is without any exaggerations legendary. You can easily wear it every day or attach a weighty pendant to it without fear or hesitation, as the construction of the links’ connections ensures the reliability of the chain. The distinctive shine of the necklace is responsible for the luxury statement look. The iced-out Cuban link chain is one of the most popular pieces for men who aim to demonstrate their wealth and success. It’s the timeless classic ready to spice a confident man’s style.

3. Bracelets

Mens Jewelry trends

As the chain link pattern described above is so widely used in men’s jewelry, the Cuban link bracelet becomes yet another iconic item favored by gentlemen. It possesses all the benefits of the necklace, and it is a nice decision to combine those two together in one look. A gold Cuban link bracelet can also become an excellent choice to style with a fine gold wristwatch, a combination that makes a clear declaration of a high status. The accessory makes a great base for a trendy layered chain bracelet look, becoming a suitable jewelry to finish casual outfit with effortlessly edgy style.

The guys who prefer more sophisticated jewelry should consider Men’s Sterling Silver 6 Row Diamond Bracelet 1.01ct. The legendary 1 row diamond tennis bracelet looks too humble next to this piece. The brilliant sparkle of this stunning bracelet will make sure your style makes the right impression.

Those two types of bracelets, though so different, yet they are sure to stay in the list of must-have items in every man’s jewelry collection. They both are able to add chic and shine accentuating your every gesture.

4. Rings

Rings are the items men usually pay more attention to than to any other jewelry. Historically it’s the accessory that symbolizes devotion or a promise given to someone special, and men who are used to keeping their word take it rather seriously. It’s likely that the jewelry with more symbolism among the rings is the pinky ring. It can be referred to as the fraternity or club ring, telling the people around about your membership in a certain community. The pinky ring can also feature the family crest and be the sign that your family possesses certain power, respect or wealth. The sign it most likely doesn’t imply is your connection to mafia, which is the stereotype built by Hollywood. Probably…

You may pick the reason to wear a pinky ring from the ones mentioned above or just wear it for fashion purposes, the accessory will definitely make an impact on your style. A pinky is often described as the finger only clever men with great ability to listen and possessing good communication skills would choose to wear a ring on, so if you opted for this kind of ring, you may be sure you’re an interesting company. Besides, the pinky rings are typically rather noticeable due to their placement and frequently intricate design or massive size, that’s why it sometimes becomes easy to make the image a bit tacky. In order to avoid the undesirable impression, make sure the ring is massive compared only to the pinky finger and not to others. Going for unusual designs pick the intricate ones, but not those that are over-the-top.

The men’s jewelry has a lot more unforgettable items we’ll be able to enjoy if not forever, but for many years to come. We should be grateful to the jewelry industry for the opportunity to express ourselves in such an extravagant and beautiful way. The jewelry for men provides the chance for even the most serious and grave guys to enjoy the charm of precious metals and stones.

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