Get The Kids Active This Summer With An Indoor Basketball Game

I had originally planned on posting this as a fun Father’s day gift idea but it didn’t arrive in time. So, I decided to show you how you can get the kids up and active this summer instead. If your kids are like mine, they want to sit and play on their electronic devices instead of getting up and doing something. Of course, it has been super hot and rainy at our house and there’s not much outdoor activity they can do anyway.

We solved that problem with an indoor basketball game!

Disclosure: We received a complimentary game as a thanks for posting. All opinions are our own.

Get it Hoops Indoor Basketball Game

Dwyane Wade’s Get it Hoops Indoor Basketball Game

Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade’s Get it Hoops is a fun, over the door basketball game that can be played indoors. It includes an app that allows you to keep score, take video of your shots and upload them to social media and has fun sounds to cheer you on.

All 4 of my kids love basketball. It’s too hot to play on our outdoor goal, plus it has been raining like crazy, so we set this game up in the living room and they can play one on one, horse or just shoot hoops in there. This gets them up and off the couch and gives them some activity and exercise!

The game comes with a back board that can be hung over the door with the included hooks. It also has the hoop and net, inflatable mini basketball and pump.


There is an electronic optical motion detector that requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) and an app.

Dwyane Wade’s Get it Hoops Basketball Game

I sat it up on the door without any fuss. I didn’t make a big deal out of it because I wanted to get the kids reaction when they saw it on the door. They immediately started asking what it was and when they could play it. One I had it ready to go, they played for a couple hours, taking turns shooting baskets. I was thrilled!

The ball is small but is great for indoor play and  looks like a real basketball. It comes deflated but the box contains the pump and needle to inflate it with, just like a regular basketball.

Dwyane Wade’s Get it Hoops Basketball Game

It is fairly sturdy and really easy to put together. The hooks for the back board, the hoop, basket and optical motion detector all clip into place easily.

It says you can dunk the ball because the hoop is collapsible. I don’t plan on letting the kids do much dunking, though, because it is plastic and I think that would make it break too easily. Plus is hangs on the door so it’s not like an actual outdoor basketball goal as far as being metal and really heavy duty. But for some indoor fun it’s great.

Dwyane Wade’s Get it Hoops Basketball Game

Clay and I even got in on the basketball action and shot a few hoops. Even though the ball is tiny, it’s a lot of fun to play with.

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