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I hosted a Labor Day viewing party with my friends and Paramount gave me a copy of the movie on Digital HD.  Labor Day is a movie based on the novel by Joyce Maynard. It is currently out on Digital Release!  You can learn more about the movie, watch the trailer and movie clips at! As a member of Influenster, I was asked to host a viewing party with my girlfriends. So I did!

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I don’t want to give too much away. But in the very beginning, we see a 13 year old boy living with his recluse mom. There is a part of Adele’s life that I really identified with. It has to do with pregnancy and I can really see why she is the way she is.  She rarely leaves the house and when she does she is a nervous wreck. They take their monthly trek to the grocery to stock up and while there they meet Josh Brolin’s character, Frank. He is bleeding from his side and asks for a few hours refuge in their home. It was Labor Day weekend, right before school starts back and Adele and Henry’s lives change drastically.

At first, we were all pretty skeptical about how much we’d like this “romance” because the music and story line seemed so dark for a romance. But as the movie progressed we were all more drawn in. I wasn’t sure it would be much of a romance but I definitely liked it from the beginning. There was just something about both Adele and Henry that I fell in love with immediately.

There were some odd parts of the movie where I felt a little confused but overall it was really good. I loved Frank, Adele and Henry (Hank). Henry has a manipulative little girl friend that I’m not too fond of. And Henry seems really gullible. But I guess that makes sense considering his current life.

Life was very different no farther back than the 80’s and I think the cast and author all did a great job of showing us that. Life was a bit slower and people were just relly starting to be more open about things. There was quite a bit of talk about sex and while that doesn’t bother me, I was watching with my mother-in-law and husband’s step-mother so it was a bit awkward!

Labor Day Movie Viewing Party #LaborDayMovie

Labor Day Movie Viewing Party #LaborDayMovie

We were going to have a party with wine and a peach pie recipe that was shared by Influenster (you’ll understand the pie when you watch the movie) but since it was Easter weekend, most of my girlfriends already had plans so it was just me and the moms after the kids Easter egg hunt and Easter dinner. But it was still fun. And I still plan on watching it with the girls with wine and that awesome peach pie recipe on our next girls night.

Our emotions definitely ran the gamut during this movie with some fear and uncertainty in the beginning, a bit of humor, tremendous sadness, confusion and conflict. My husband ended up watching it with us and even he said he really liked it. I would give this movie either an A- or a B+.

#LaborDayMovie  @Influenster and@ParamountMovies

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