Little Twig And Sparrow: 8 Summer Sleepover Tips

I have a great post for you today featuring 8 Summer Sleepover Tips courtesy of Little Twig And Sparrow. If your family is like mine, the kids are begging for sleepovers with their friends. We have 3 daughters so that means lots of birthdays, lots of kids here over night and lots of preparing for me! It can be hard finding new things for the kids to do each time. If you’re stumped for fun ideas, check out the tips below.
Thanks to Little Twig and Sparrow pajamas for kids, for sharing these complimentary tips with us today.
Little Twig And Sparrow: 8 Summer Sleepover Tips
Kid’s Sleepwear Extraordinaire Little Twig And Sparrow Offers Tips To Throw A FUN-Tastic
Summer Themed Sleepover Extravaganza

Summer is in full swing and that means sleepovers! When there’s no school or sports the next morning, summer becomes the best time for slumber parties. Kids can stay up later playing games and then recover at home the next day. Depending on the age of your guests, “slumber” may not occur, but Little Twig and Sparrow pajamas has plenty ideas to get you through the night. Use the tried-and-true tips to throw a sleepover extravaganza that your little ones will look back on with happiness.

According to Little Twig and Sparrow, the below activities will ensure a successful slumber party:

1. Camp outside.

If the kids can hack it, get them outside under the stars to enjoy one of life’s greatest adventures. It won’t matter that they are in your backyard because it will be a novelty, which is exciting and different.  You can rent a tent for the night, load them up with flashlights, snacks, games, and camp stories, and they will have the time of their lives.  With a fire pit (or a BBQ), dinner is easy, a few hot dogs on a stick and s’mores for dessert!  Check out these apps for star gazing as well.

2. Mystery slumber party.

Create a mystery that the kids need to solve. You can go all out and create an elaborate setting out in your backyard, house or neighborhood.  You can even get the neighbors involved, handing out or hiding clues. Here’s a quick little secret in case you don’t have time to plan one (because as parents we all have boatloads of time on our hands, right, ha ha:).  Slumber party mystery games are also conveniently available online.

3. Bigger and better trades.

Split into two groups and give each group a safety pin or paper clip. Then send the groups out to the neighbors’ houses where they need to trade their item for something “bigger and better.” Set an ending time to return home – you’ll be amazed by what they return with.

4. Movie night in the backyard.

If you can rent/borrow a projector, all you need is a white sheet to hang on your house and you have an instant drive-in movie theater. Set up camping chairs, lay out some blankets, and, of course, don’t forget the popcorn.   Make the experience even more authentic by giving each guest a “movie” ticket they can redeem for their favorite candy or a slushy. This unique experience is one that the kids will always remember.

5. Breakfast picnic.

One of the coolest things about sleepovers is enjoying breakfast together. You don’t need to overdo it, but you do need options. And anything bright and cheery is sure to captivate the little ones’ eyes! Think a bowl of fruit loops, sprinkled donuts,  fresh cut fruit, blueberry pancakes…these options are sure to be please everyone, and they look good too!  Set up blankets outside and have a breakfast picnic!

6. Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Most kids have phones that take pictures.  Prepare a scavenger list of things that can be found in your neighborhood. Divide the kids into teams and have them set out to find each of the items on the list and bring back a unique photo of the items.  The team that makes it back to the house first wins!

7. Outdoor Obstacle Course.

Create an obstacle course through the house or backyard.  Provide a clue at each obstacle to direct each team to the next challenge.  The obstacles can be physical or mental, in case you have kids ranging in physical skill levels.  At the completion of the challenge, offer an ice cream bar for the kids to make their own ice cream sundaes.  Include crazy items like gummy worms,  dirt (crushed Oreos), moth balls (malted milk balls) and other favorites like cookie and brownie bites and candy bar bits.

8. Classic Outdoor Games.

Remember wheel barrow races, capture the flag, potato sack races, flashlight tag, kick the can, running through the sprinkler, hopscotch, spud and so many more!?  These games have stood the test of time and are sure to fill an evening with fun and laughter.

Don’t let the fear of endless entertaining turn you away from throwing an exciting slumber party for your little ones! With proper planning, sleepovers turn into one long get-together filled with friends, food, and fun.


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