Marvel Avengers Battle For Earth XBox 360 With Kinect #CleverAvengers #spon

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Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I can’t believe it. I am pretty sure we have finished Christmas shopping. Ok, I’m positive because we had a limited Holiday fund this year and it’s gone. So, yeah, we’re done. BUT, if you are looking for a last minute gift for the gamer in your life, I have an idea!

Marvel Avengers Battle For Earth

Avengers Battle For Earth (for XBox 360 Kinect)- said with a dominating voice. I live in a family of video game players, comic book lovers, tech-heads and all around geek-oids. We aren’t gamer elite but we love a good video game when we see one. Er, play one.

Our latest in the video game saga of our life is Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earthir?t=thecinholnewr 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00821HMDM
for XBox 360 Kinect. It is full of action and fun. Your arms and back really get a workout. The Kinect is a sensor game so you use your entire body as the controller. The kids had a really good time playing. I think it will be fun to pit the boy against the Hubby and see who is more sore in the morning after punching and fighting.

You can play as either the good Marvel comic characters like Spiderman and The Hulk or as the bad guys like Dr. Doom. No matter who you play as, you are pit against the same evil character.

The graphics are fantastic. You can’t really tell in my photos. It is really hard to get a photo from a tv screen without it having lines and blur. But these are some of the shots I got from the game. I apologize for how blurry they came out!

Avengers Battle For Earth XBox 360 Kinect


My son did pretty good the first round. He won! He said that it is fairly hard to play in the beginning and get progressively harder as you finish rounds. So it gives you a really good workout.


Avengers Battle For Earth XBox 360 Kinect

WOOT! The boy got a KO. Knock Out! He beat round one pretty easily and then moved on. I’m pretty sure he played for about 2 hours before finally stopping. His arms were SORE this morning too!

Avengers Battle For Earth XBox 360 Kinect


Avengers Battle For Earth XBox 360 Kinect

My girls also had fun playing the game but they didn’t get much of a turn because of their brother. If you have a girl that is into the Marvel comic characters, she’ll definitely love this game.


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