Maximizing Efficiency – How Onboarding Software Can Benefit Your HR Department

When bringing in new employees, having the right tools is important. HR onboarding software can save time and money and supercharge the process of transforming new hires into valuable assets.

HR teams can track the progress of new hires through a centralized employee portal. 

Time-Saving Features

One of the biggest benefits of HR onboarding software is that it saves time for both employees and human resource personnel. The best tools provide a simple user experience and automate workflows with specific goals. HR managers should prioritize features that will help them reduce the time spent on manual tasks. For example, many onboarding tools allow for the digital completion of all necessary documents for new hires before their first day of work. This eliminates the need for HR to compile paper forms and saves them work hours. It also allows the new employee to review these forms and make changes online before their first day in the office. Other time-saving features include uploading documents into an onboarding tool, searching for them automatically, and accessing files conveniently in the future. This is a huge improvement over the traditional filing of paper documents in file cabinets that are hard to keep organized and accessible.

Automated Workflows

Streamlined workflows increase HR department productivity and facilitate high-level business processes. Automated systems enable faster data collection and decrease the time required to complete HR tasks, including reporting, payroll and talent management. Streamlined processes also make it easier for employees to access HR services, such as self-service options and real-time feedback systems. For example, the HR team created an automated pre-boarding process that sends new hires all the practical information they need from an app before they start work. This means the HR department can spend less time on administrative tasks and more on creating a positive people culture.

Other automated processes include digitized document management, which helps reduce the risk of lost files and paperwork and streamlines the submission and approval process. This can save time, money and effort by eliminating the need for physical copies and the associated printing and distribution costs.

Reduce Mistakes

A top-notch team is the not-so-secret ingredient that keeps a company running like a well-oiled machine. However, hiring and onboarding new hires is a complex process; even a minor breakdown in any of its phases can result in serious consequences. One of the biggest problems HR professionals face is a huge amount of paperwork. Whether verifying employment eligibility, running background checks, or getting tax information signed, the more documents involved in this process, the higher the risk of mistakes. With onboarding software, many of these tasks can be handled digitally. Using intelligent forms that retain basic details from document to document reduces errors and makes it easy for new hires to complete the required forms. Moreover, good onboarding software integrates seamlessly with your current HR systems for payroll, PTO tracking and benefits administration. This way, it eliminates manual coding and saves tons of time for HR teams. HR managers can also use onboarding software to build onboarding checklists and monitor the progress of their new hires, helping them identify areas that need improvement to maximize the impact of the onboarding program.

Save Money

One of the most important reasons to use onboarding software is that it can save your business money. A great onboarding experience results in higher employee retention, so fewer new hires must be replaced. It also helps you control costs by reducing paper, ink, and time spent on manual tasks. HR departments often have to pay for printing and mailing contracts, verify employment eligibility, run background checks, get signed tax documents, and set up IT accounts. With onboarding software, these and other compliance considerations can be automated and streamlined for faster turnaround. In addition to reducing administrative costs, onboarding software can help you keep track of where each new hire stands in the process. This enables you to ensure that they’re taking all crucial steps and allows you to send timely reminders. This saves both HR managers and new hires from remembering each step and keeps everyone on the same page throughout the onboarding process.

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