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Ladies, I know ya’ll have been looking for a new bikini trimmer for women to give you smooth grooming in the bikini area. And, you may be asking yourself “do bikini trimmers work”? Yes, they do! And I have an Amazon find that I want to share with you. It’s made by Happy Curves and is called the Smoothie. These women’s bikini trimmers are on sale for a limited time and I’m so happy to share them with you. I received one in the color “Berry” and it is so pretty! (jump to the deal)

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Do Bikini Trimmers Work

Yes, for the most part. Many work great to shave already short hair but not long hair like you’ll find in the pubis area of your bikini line. The Smoothie, in my opinion, works better than most! These bikini trimmers work on long and short hair and can trim to a desired length, as well. You don’t have to just shave it all smoothly.

These Smoothie Women’s Bikini trimmers come with a shave head as well as a trimmer head with 2 adjustable guards. The smaller guard can be adjusted to 1mm, 3mm and 5mm. and the larger guard can be adjusted to 7mm, 9mm and 11mm. This allows for a trim to the perfect length for you.

The shave head is good for shorter hair lengths.

It also comes with a cleaning brush and charging cable. This trimmer is rechargeable and compact making it perfect for travel too! I can toss it in my travel bag if we go on a beach trip this summer and enjoy a smooth shave all week!

If you’re like me, you want smooth skin everywhere and the products we’ve used for the bikini area, so far, have been lacking.

I’ve tried many women’s bikini trimmers throughout the years and they were all pretty much crap. They’d work ok-ish for the first use and then not so much after. I always follow the manufacturers instructions for use and care but, still, they just didn’t do well. The Happy Curves Smoothie, however, has been going strong through my testing. And I love it!

I try to share great Amazon finds with you all and only share the products I’ve been able to test personally. Of course, your results may vary from mine, but if I have good luck with something I’ll let you know for sure! This is one of those things.

The following photos are courtesy of Happy Curves.

Get Ready With Me: Shower Edition

Ok, so we’re not going to shower together, but I’ll let you know my routine, m’kay?

  • First, I spray some of my DIY Eucalyptus shower spray on the shower walls. We all have stuffy heads this time of year with colds and allergies and what-not, so I give a good spray of that to clear my head while I’m showering.
  • Next, I wash my hair. I have oily hair but daily washing is a bit too much for it so I wash it every other day. I know folks say to only wash the roots but hair gets dirty folks. Air pollution, sweat, etc. It gets dirty. So, what works for me is to really lather my roots well, then pile my hair on top of my head and work the shampoo into the lengths. I love all natural products for bathing and cleaning, but shampoo is one thing I’ve not found a natural one that works for me. So I do still use a horrible store-bought shampoo. Not a “clean” one either, as much as I’d love to. They, sadly, just don’t work for my hair. 😭 Then I rinse really well. I also brush my hair while it’s wet! With the course texture of my hair, I have to or a brush won’t go through it. It’s stick straight, thick and heavy. Brushing while wet is necessary for me. Again, do what works for you.
  • After washing my hair, I shave my armpits, legs and bikini area. I use a standard razor for the armpits and legs and my Smoothie for the bikini area. If I’m not showering but need to touch up the pits, I’ll use my Smoothie. It works great! I don’t use shaving cream on my armpits or legs. GASP! I just use water and my razor has some glide stuff in it so it works for me. I DO however, use a homemade shave butter for the bikini area. The Smoothie makes quick work of the area and I’m done with the shaving.
  • Lastly, I wash my body. Homemade body wash is my friend. I can control the ingredients and add more moisturizers during the winter months, as needed, and less in the summer when my skin doesn’t need the extra love.
  • Then I dry off completely, brush my hair, get dressed, use my NIRA skincare laser, throw on some hyaluronic acid then face serum with sunscreen, a smidgen of makeup and I’m done.
  • At night, I take the makeup off and do my nightly skincare routine of cleansing, face serum and moisturizer. My routine is simple these days. I’m recovering from some health issues and, while my New Year’s resolution is to start taking care of myself, (something I’ve NOT been doing lately) I want it to be simple. Simple is manageable. Difficult is not.

What Makes These Bikini Trimmers For Women So Great?

  • Perfect for multiple hair lengths: Designed to trace your body’s natural contours with a snap-on head for trimming, a foil head for shaving, and two adjustable trimming guards for different hair lengths.
  • Smoothness guaranteed: The Smoothie is designed to remove hair in the bikini area and body without causing irritation or cuts, Leaving you with soft and smooth skin, every time.
  • Rechargeable battery: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery lasts up to 90 minutes on a single charge.
  • 100% Waterproof: Safe to use in or out of the shower for comfortable performance.
  • Whisper quiet: High power yet low vibration tames thicker hair with ease.


The Happy Curves Smoothie

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