On-the-Go Essentials: What To Pack For Work Travel

When travelling for work, being organised and packing appropriately can make all the difference to productivity and effectiveness when away. Here are seven essential items UK business travellers should have in their bags.

Work Travel

1. Laptop and Chargers

Ensure your laptop is fully charged, but bring your charger as additional insurance. Also, pack chargers for phones, tablets, and any other regularly used electronics. Choose universal adapters suitable for the destinations you’ll visit. Having the ability to power up devices prevents wasted downtime if batteries run low during important work meetings or tasks.

2. Work Tools

Pack pens, notepads, portable battery packs, mouse, mousepad, and anything else you regularly use when working. Simple items from your everyday workspace allow you to mimic it on the go and enable continuity. Portable versions of familiar items brings a little piece of the customary office setup to temporary remote workspaces.

3. Smart-Casual Attire

Bring 2-3 go-to professional outfits suitable for client meetings and work dinners. Stick to versatile basics in dark colours that can be dressed up with blazers and smart shoes or worn more casually with jumpers and flats. Abide by any formal dress codes specified for events, dinners, or external meetings during your trip. If you will be attending conferences, pack a business formal outfit in case speakers suggest business attire for attendees. Having one suit on hand also allows adjusting if a last-minute important meeting or dinner is scheduled.

4. Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is essential when travelling for meetings, conferences, and full days of business commitments. Bring an insulated water bottle that can be regularly refilled and fits in bags to keep you refreshed on the move. This sustainable option reduces waste from buying disposable plastic bottles.

5. Hand Sanitiser and Face Masks

Pack small hand sanitiser gels and packs of surgical face masks. Having your own supply allows you to practice good hand hygiene and protect yourself and others from germs, especially in confined spaces like planes, trains, and vehicles. This appropriate PPE enables following COVID-19 protocols for safe distancing and virus prevention.

6. Additional PPE

Also, pack any job-specific PPE required for tasks being conducted during the work trip. This may include safety goggles, ear defenders, high visibility vests, protective gloves, or hard hats. Make sure additional protective wear is up to required specifications if you will be inspecting facilities on-site or touring construction projects.

7. Medication and Toiletries

Keep small tubes and travel sizes of regularly used medication, supplements, dental care items and other toiletries handy while packing. Monitor quantities and refill them before depletion. Check airline regulations if liquids are over 100ml. Having your personal care, health and hygiene basics while travelling means you can stick to your routine away from home.

Making sure to pack the laptop and chargers, work tools, smart casual clothes, insulated water bottle, hand sanitiser and face masks, and medication and toiletries enables UK business travellers to stay productive, professional, healthy, and efficient when work takes them out of their regular office. Following this packing list allows maintaining continuity even when on the go.

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