Road Trip Snack Ideas For Happy Travelers

Road trips call for epic snack options. From healthy, fresh items to your favorite junk foods, car snacks need to give you the energy to keep going and the excitement to keep things interesting. Here are some road trip snack ideas for your next incredible outing.

Road Trip Snack Ideas

Packaged Snacks

Remember the days when you were a kid and you got to pick your favorite snack for vacation? Do the same thing now to bring out your inner child in your new Ford for sale. Think about your number one choice of chips, candy, protein bars, beef jerky, and more when you’re making your road trip snack list.

Have a selection of protein-heavy options to keep your belly full while you’re snacking on your favored sugary treat. Grab protein bars, beef jerky, nuts, or trail mixes.

When you focus on protein and add in the fun stuff, you get to keep your energy levels high without the sugar crash that can be devastating on the road.

Homemade Snacks

Road Trip Snack Ideas

Plan healthier options for your next trip when you make some homemade items to take on the road with you. Hard-boiled eggs can pack a protein punch. You can also make your own granola, protein balls, and homemade breads. Popcorn is a fantastic complex carb that’s easy to eat and can keep your energy levels up.

Homemade snacks can be less costly than buying all pre-packaged items. They can also be healthier because you know exactly what ingredients you use to create them. Pack a mix of packaged items and homemade items to give you plenty of variety as you take in the sights.

When making protein balls or breads, add in some extra superfood power in the form of chia seeds, flax seeds, or protein powder.

Cooler Snacks

Road Trip Snack Ideas

Fruits, vegetables, lunchmeat, and cheese are excellent choices on a road trip when you want a more substantial thing to eat. Pack a cooler to keep your favorite items chilled and ready to eat when you want to take a break at the next rest stop. Make sandwiches ahead of time to be prepared for lunch or dinner while on a long drive.

Another fantastic option for the cooler is Greek yogurt. Add honey, fruit or granola to your yogurt for a protein-filled snack that can hold you over until your next meal.

Dips can be another thing to keep in the cooler to add some extra flavor to your vegetables. Make guacamole and hummus to increase your protein intake as you drive. Tuna can be another high-protein option to eat with vegetables or crackers.

Variety Is the Key to Happy Traveling

A road trip adventure isn’t complete without a selection of yummy food. Pack a range of items to cover your protein needs to ensure your energy levels stay high enough for safe driving. Add some fun snacks like candy and chips to keep things interesting. With a bunch of packaged, homemade, and refrigerated items in the car, you’re sure to have plenty to eat as you travel. 

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