The Value Of Plastic Surgery For Breast Cancer Recovery

Plastic surgery isn’t always just about cosmetic improvement alone. There is definitely a purpose in the field for helping recovery as well, especially with patients who are recovering themselves from cancer.

plastic surgery for breast cancer recovery

Losing a Part of One’s Self

One of the most disruptive forms of cancer for anyone, and particularly a woman, is breast cancer. Where a man is expected to have a flat chest, a woman’s loss of herself affects her both physically as well as mentally every time she looks in the mirror post-surgery. Plastic surgery reconstruction can make a world of difference.

The Reality of a Tumor’s Removal

Removal of a tumor in the breast tissue isn’t just a small, surgical removal of the tumor. The surrounding tissue has a high risk of being compromised as well. As a result, it has to be removed too. That, of course, results in a loss of the breast or both, depending on the extent of breast cancer’s presence. Joel Aronowitz MD notes the goal of oncoplastic surgery is to then provide the dual benefits of breast cancer surgery with plastic surgery for a full treatment, not a half project that leaves a woman scarred and missing herself.

Combining Fields for Maximum Delivery

The approach, according to Dr. Joel Aronowitz, is a hybrid strategy that not only embraces plastic surgery as a necessary step in cancer treatment and recovery, but as the catalyst for a patient’s life continuing again. While it’s not a 100 percent status quo before the cancer started, the transformation is as close to being a whole woman again and has a significant benefit for patients.

Being Part of a Much Bigger Change

While oncoplastic surgery isn’t completely available in every market or provided as a combined option, the partnership between medical disciplines is definitely growing. As part of a movement in comprehensive care, from diagnosis to full restoration, oncoplastic surgery is leading a wave of change in the medical field. The patients today who are at the forefront of receiving the related benefits are, in some respects, pioneers in a paradigm shift today. Within a decade, the same hybrid approach is likely to be the norm in multiple medical practices and applications.

For decades, plastic surgery has been seen as just a cosmetic improvement procedure for patients focused on their appearance. However, today the field is evolving and blending, becoming an integral part of full recovery in the cancer treatment world. It’s a huge step and expansion of plastic surgery and changing lives at the same time.

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