Most Popular Cannabis Products In 2021

Cannabis has long had a loyal following, but it’s recently grown in popularity as legislation has been relaxed. The growth has led to many new users who may not be familiar with the variety of cannabis products that are available, and it’s given longtime users opportunities to explore new products from companies like purple penthouse dc, that they may not have previously used. Whatever category you fall into, here are some of the most popular cannabis products in 2021. They’re all worth trying if you’ve not had these before.


Flower: Staple of the Cannabis Community

Straight flower isn’t new, but it’s a standby that should be included on any list of popular cannabis products. This is the most traditional (and some would say most pure) way to enjoy the herbs.

Flower remains popular even if it’s not the fastest-growing cannabis product. A maturing market has created more innovative products that people are turning to, but most regular users will always have at least some straight flower in their inventory.

Edibles: Versatile Snacks With Cannabinoids

Edibles are one of the fastest-growing cannabis products, as many companies are creating new ones. Gummies, baked goods, chocolate bars, popcorn, cooking oils, vegan fruit chews, plant-based swallowable pills are just some of the edibles that you might find at dispensaries. The products may be made from cannabis flower or cannabis oil or cannabis concentrates, but any of the methods can provide the desired cannabinoids.

The familiarity of edibles makes them an easy introduction for new users, as everyone is familiar with gummy bears, chocolate, syrups (like those here: and cooking oils. Even longtime users are also using these more and more because they like the convenience and variety of flavors.

Drinks: Beverages with Cannabinoids

A close cousin to edibles, drinks like Big Up CBD Coffee also offer a smoke-free way to consume cannabis. As an added benefit, delivery also is fairly quick after finishing a beverage. The variety of drinks is almost as varied as the variety of edibles, with many high-dose and low-dose options available.

Tinctures: Infused and Concentrated Alcohol

THC tinctures are made by infusing high-proof alcohol with cannabis, which transfers the cannabinoid properties to the alcohol. The alcohol also takes on some cannabis flavor, but this is often overshadowed by the strength of the alcohol itself.

Tinctures are usually consumed sublingually, by placing one or a few drops under the tongue. This is a fast delivery method, as the cannabinoids are absorbed through blood cells under the tongue. Any excess cannabinoids are absorbed into the digestive tract and provide more effects a little later on.

Some people who don’t like the strong alcohol taste of tinctures instead mix these into foods or drinks. This is sometimes preferable to purchasing edibles or drinks. People may find that using tinctures costs a little less, they may want to make homemade or favorite treats, or they might want a particular strain.

Capsules: Convenient and Discrete Pills

Capsules are oral pills that provide a convenient and discreet way to consume cannabis in almost any setting. This makes them especially useful when the effects of cannabinoids are desired in a public or semi-public setting. They also deliver a taste-free experience, since they’re immediately swallowed.

Explore New Cannabis Products

If you’ve not tried any of these, experiment with each one. You may find that one (or several) of these popular cannabis products becomes a personal favorite way to consume. A good place to start is an online dispensary in Canada.

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