Mountain Air is COLD!


I know I write about Tennessee a lot but we just love it so. We went for Spring Break and it was so much fun. That being said, though, the mountain air can be very cold. Even when it is warmer down in the valley, mountain air is COLD! In the photo above, it even looks cold.

We always go to the Tennessee/North Carolina Overlook. Be cause we were going in April, I figured it would be chilly so I brought along jackets for the kids and a stroller blanket for our youngest. She’s almost 3 and when she gets tired of something she just throws it, willy nilly, where ever she pleases. So I knew I knew I’d need something that would stay on her. I decided to take my MotrB Blanket. That thing is AWESOME!

When we first got to the overlook, it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t even need my lightweight jacket. but there is a rock overlook you can climb. It isn’t very high up but MAN! The difference in temperature just by those few feet is astounding!

You can see the climb isn't that far above the road.

By the time my husband, kids and I had finished taking photos I was freezing! I was so glad I had remembered that stroller blanket because I just know that Lil Sis would have kicked a regular blanket off in no time flat. I would have been chasing it the entire time. And you can’t really use a jacket with her stroller. it is just a little umbrella stroller and she is almost too big for it. The MotrB worked perfectly!


Speaking of the MotrB. You can get one in several solid colors, limited edition prints and one of a kind prints. The MotrB is a fleece lined, nylon blanket with a pocket for your childs feet. It has a flexible, elastic waist and straps that attach to the stroller to keep it in place. The blanket moves with your child and can’t be tossed to the ground. It is truly a wonderful little invention. I wish I had it when all of my children were little. My daughter has almost outgrown a stroller but I’ll be passing our MotrB along to my younger cousins who are now having their own babies. I can’t wait to share mine with them and purchase more for the new babies down the road!

Attached easily with stretchy straps and hook/loop closure

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary MotrB as a member of MomPact. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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