12 Must-Have Beauty Travel Essentials

You know, just because you are tent camping or on vacation doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a beauty routine. When Clay and I went on our Memorial day camping trip, I had some must-have summer beauty travel essentials in my go-bag. I may have been hanging out at a lake in near 90ยฐ weather but I still wanted to look at least a little put together. Not in a vain way, just in a way that shows I’m not about to keel over. Ya know? I’m talking basic skincare here, not a whole made-up face.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen as a thank you for sharing my summer beauty must-haves. I use it. It works. I love it!

Not to mention, I like to keep my teeth as white as I can, even when on the road. One of my favorite must-have travel beauty tips is to carry a Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen in my travel gear. You still brush your teeth while camping, right? There’s no reason you can’t have a little whitening action while you’re at it. The whitening pen stores right in the base of the toothbrush so  I can brush, apply the gel and be on my merry way.

I’m digging this toothbrush-whitening pen combo so I really want to tell you a little about it and how it works but I also want to share a couple of other things I keep in my travel go-bag. I used these items while camping in the summer heat and stayed cool and fresh.

12 Must-Have Beauty Travel Essentials

My Must-Have Summer Beauty Travel Essentials

  1. Waterproof Mascara
  2. Gel Eyeliner – not while camping
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Face Powder – sets the sunscreen
  5. Evian Facial Spray
  6. Sunglasses (with UVA/UVB protection)
  7. Hairbrush
  8. Hair Ties
  9. Baseball Cap
  10. Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen
  11. Portable Fan
  12. Makeup Remover Wipes

1 & 2.) Waterproof Mascara and Gel Eyeliner. Some folks can go without mascara and eyeliner. Even though I have dark hair, my eyelashes are really light and look nonexistent. So I like to at least wear a little mascara. It just makes my eyes look brighter and I feel better. I choose a waterproof mascara so there are no smudges or smears. It lasts throughout the day and washes off with makeup remover wipes. No need for special cleanser or a wash cloth when you’re travelling. The makeup remover wipes work great to remove makeup, dirt, sweat and grime.

If you do not want to wear mascara you can apply for lash extensions. The thing is that they are a great way to have beautiful long lashes all the time. They are very easy to apply, and they can give you instant fullness with just one application. The best part is that after a few weeks of wear, you can simply wash them and reapply them for a fresh look! A question may arise on how to wash lash extensions but luckily the steps are very easy.  Washing your lash extensions is simple and the process can help keep your lash extensions looking bright and new for months. 

When Clay and I are on vacation in the mountains, I like to use the gel eyeliner. It is also waterproof and stays put all day. Plus, it is super easy to put on. I didn’t use this while camping, though, just the mascara.

3.) Sunscreen. This is self explanatory. I don’t want a sunburn. I have enough freckles and don’t need more. I also want to minimize sun damage so I use sunscreen on every part of me that will or could be exposed to the sun. Especially my face, shoulders and chest. I had a really bad sunburn on my chest as a teen and I don’t want to risk further damage there. It was a pretty scary sunburn that left me feverish and sick for days.

4 & 5.) Facial Powder & Evian Facial Spray. I did use this while camping but I used it over my sunscreen. I put my sunscreen on, dabbed on some powder then spritzed with my Evian facial spray and let it dry. This worked like a moisturizer and sunscreen and primer in one and helped set my sunscreen. Even though I sweat some throughout the day I didn’t sunburn on my face so it seemed to have worked pretty well! When we vacation in Gatlinburg I do this same thing only I spritz the water on after all my makeup is applied.

6.) Sunglasses. Like with the sunscreen, I want to protect my eyes. ALWAYS use sunglasses with UVA-UVB protection or you’re not getting any benefit other than keeping the sun out of your eyes. You’re not protecting your eye health otherwise. I really love this Harry Potter Collection. There are some super cute styles!

7 & 8.) Hairbrush and Hair Ties. If you’re camping but decide to go to a store or even somewhere to eat, you can get rid of camp hair. If you have hat hair that just won’t give up, even after spritzing with your Evian water, brush it well and toss it in a hair tie. Summer is the time for pony tails and buns so throw that mess up in one and you’re good to go!

(9.) Baseball cap. Keeps the sun off your head. It can help keep you cool and keep the sun out of your face. It also keeps your hair up and off your neck if you pull it through as a pony tail or even a low bun, which is what I do. If you’re hair is short and it’s hot and miserable and you can’t pull it up in a pony tail, stick a hat on it! You’ll look cute and ready for whatever.

Must-Have Travel Essentials: Baseball Cap

10.) Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen. I use this no matter when/where we vacation. I simply brush my teeth like I normally would, morning, and night.. Then I apply the gel both times. You do NOT have to rinse this whitening gel out and it started working in 1 day. You can actually get up to 5 shades whiter with continued use.

Must-Have Travel Essentials: Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen

This is a toothbrush and whitening pen in one. The pen stores in the base of the toothbrush so you always have it with you.

Must-Have Travel Essentials: Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen

The Optic Whiteยฎ toothbrush is specially designed with whitening cups and polishing bristles to help remove surface stains. The gel in the built-in Optic Whiteยฎ Whitening Pen contains hydrogen peroxide, which provides effective whitening beyond surface stains. Its unique stay-on gel formula adheres to teeth.

Must-Have Travel Essentials: Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen

My teeth feel so nice and clean when using this toothbrush. It gets all the food off and from in between my teeth and leaves them feeling smooth. I’m a Colgate fanatic so I also use Colgate toothpaste. It tastes so good and helps keeps my mouth and teeth fresh and clean.

11.) Portable Fan. I’ve mentioned before how I tend to stay a degree or two hotter than anyone else around me. Hot flashes are NOT my friend. So I keep a portable fan that can be worn around my neck in my travel bag. This little fan saved me on our camping trip. I shared it with my friends when they were over heating too. Everyone agreed that it was a great thing to have on hand. It’s great when out walking, hiking or site seeing. It worked great while fishing and kept me cool on a hot summer day.

12.) Makeup Remover Wipes. At the end of the day you may be hot and sweaty. You also need to clean off any makeup you may be wearing. Makeup remover wipes are so handy. They fit perfectly in a travel bag and the package reseals to keep the others moist. Simply pull one out, wash your face and toss it in the trash. They work great for a quick face wash when you’re sweaty and can help cool you down. I also like to keep these deodorant and body wipes in my bag.

These are my summer beauty travel essentials. I keep all of these items in my go-bag each time we travel, no matter where we are going. I actually keep this bag with me any time I leave the house and refill it as needed. You never know when you may need something that is in there.

NOTE* A couple other things I have in my bag include a portable charger for my phone, lip balm, deodorant, hand sanitizer, Acetaminophen/Ibuprofen, heart burn relief, bandages, word search and pens for down-time, map, bottle opener/multi-use tool, water bottle and sack, flip-flops and a pair of socks in case my feet get cold while traveling in sandals or flip flops.

My kids also have a personal go bag. They love being able to pack a few travel essentials of their own with them.

I’m a mom of four who has packed a LOT of diaper bags. I’ve learned over the years that it is great to always be prepared. Some folks make fun of me for having so much in my little travel bag…. until they need something I happen to have on hand. ๐Ÿ˜€

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Do you keep a personal “go-bag”? What are some items you keep in it?

This post was originally posted June 7, 2016. Updated Dec 2021.

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