On The Go Body Wipes: Stay Fresh While Traveling With Busy Beauty

When Clay and I travel, we like to do a little hiking and exploring, visit local attractions and, generally, spend a day or two outdoors. Many times, we like to go out to a restaurant after for either lunch or supper. The problem is that there isn’t always enough time to go back to our cabin rental and clean up. Or, were in another town and don’t want to go all the way back. So, what do you do when you’re a little less than fresh? You use on the go wipes to freshen yo’self! I LOVE these Busy Beauty On-The-Go Showerless Body Wipes and Face Wipes for exactly that!

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Busy Beauty On-The-Go Wipes

We teamed up with Busy Beauty (now Busy Co) to showcase some of their products including their new on-the-go body wipes in Lavender scent. I love them so much that…

All Busy Beauty products are vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, and phthalates free, as well as travel size and TSA approved. So, they are perfect for vacation, business travel, working out, hiking and every other time you may need a quick freshening up.

They’ve had these really cool Instant Glow Face Wipes and Instant Fresh Deodorant Wipes since earlier this summer, but they recently launched their newest on-the-go, no-water-needed product: Lavender Body Wipes!

I’m going to show you a few of their on-the-go showerless wipes but I’ll start with the new Lavender body Wipes.

Instant Fresh Body Wipes

Busy Beauty On-The-Go Lavender Body Wipes

These wipes smell amazing. The lavender and tea tree scents are very light, fresh and not overpowering in any way. They smell so clean and light.

They have just enough moisture to really give you a fresh, clean feeling without making you feel overly wet or like you need to towel off. It dries on your skin fairly quickly but doesn’t leave any residue or stickiness. They work like a baby wipe in giving you a quick, clean up and they work really well.

Busy Beauty On-The-Go Body Wipes

These wipes are huge. The packages are small and convenient but you can, hopefully, see in the comparison photo below how they compare in size to a smartphone. They are large enough to wipe away all the sweat and gunk. The packets tuck into a go-bag, backpack, purse, etc very well and are perfect for travel or on-the-g- busy days. These would be great for after work when going out for the evening.

Instant Glow Face Wipes

Busy Beauty On-The-Go Face Wipes In Cucumber Mint

The same can be said for the face wipes. No sticky residue or overly wet feeling. They don’t irritate my face or eyes. They work really well to remove both face makeup and eye makeup and they smell amazing.

The deodorant wipes are perfect for useing after the body wipes. Just wipe down your arm pits with the body wipe, let dry, then apply the deodorant wipe and let that dry. You are left with fresh, clean smelling underarms and if you’ve spent the day outdoors, you are ready to go grab a bite to eat without feeling super grungy.

I love that all three of these products fit in my small, crossbody bag without taking up a ton of space. I can even put one in my wristlet wallet to freshen up when we are walking around Gatlinburg! And I have the set in my larger go-bag so I have them with me no matter where we take an adventure!

They also have extra large body wipes to cover even more surface area! The regular body wipes are plenty big, but these extra large body wipes are huge! They are perfect for when you just need a little more clean-up on the go.

Busy Beauty has a ton of other great, on-the-go body cleansing products like this Showerless Travel Kit. I will be getting myself one of those for sure!

Leave us a comment below if you’ve ever used Busy Beauty face or body wipes. What is your favorite from their site?

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