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I a couple of weeks we are going to be heading out for a short trip to Gatlinburg. In the past, our 5 year old has had problems with falling asleep in the van and her poor little head either bobbing all around or just leaning forward. I feel like her neck is going to snap! I don’t see how she could possibly sleep in that position but she does. We’re constantly having our son reach forward and pull her back . Or he’ll lay her seat back some for her. But that take sup a ton of his leg room. We need a better solution!

I received for review two really cool looking products that I’m going to be putting to the test on this next trip. They are the  MyBuckleMate And Cardiff Travel Headrest.

Cardiff Travel Headrest

The Cardiff Travel Headrest is to solve the problem of her head bobbing while she sleeps. It is a headrest that attaches to your vehicle’s headrest. I had some trouble getting each side head rest snapped into place on the bar but once I did it was easy to install in the van. When we head out all I have to do is push a button on each side and lower the individual head rests into place. They can be raised and lowered as needed.

Cardiff Travel Headrest

The Cardiff Travel headrest can be purchased online as well as at Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Amazon, Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby.


The MyBuckle Mate is used to help keep seatbelt buckles upright. If you don’t use the far back seat of your van or car much then you may not have noticed this but those rear seatbelt buckles are a pain in the rear to fasten! My older kids are always complaining that the seat belt buckle has either slipped down between the seats or that they just can’t get it fastened. The MyBuckleMate solves this problem by slipping over the buckle and keeping it upright without interfering with the latching process.


Available in Black and Beige at various online retailers. Each duo-pack retails for $13.99.

Both the MyBuckleMate and Cardiff Travel Headrest are great travel products that I hope are going to make our travel life a little bit easier. As I mentioned above, I’ll be testing both of these handy products in a couple of week when my family and I head to Gatlinburg for a mini vacation. I’ll post my reviews of both here on the blog but I wanted to give you a little heads up beforehand in case you are looking for similar products. Check out  MyBuckleMate And Cardiff Travel Headrest!

Do you also have problems with your rear seat belt buckles and keeping your childs head in place when they fall asleep while traveling?

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