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Every time we take a trip, or even just a ride in the van, the kids in the back complain that they can’t get their seat belts hooked. Or if there is a kid in the middle of the back seat, they have to hunt for the buckle. When you’re traveling, that can be a real pain in the butt.

A couple of months ago I told you about a travel product that I would be testing out called MyBuckleMate, a tool that helps keep your back-seat buckles propped up so they don’t fall down into the seat. In the photo below, we have it turned sideways so you can see it, but normally, we have two side-by-side for both of the buckles shown.


I tested the MyBuckleMate over the course of several weeks so I could get a good feel for how well it worked and how well it held up. So far, it has been a huge helper! It holds the buckle upright. So it, not only, keeps it in sight but makes it easier to grasp and buckle the seat belt as well. The kids have not had any trouble at all getting in and out of their seat. It sure made going to Tennessee a lot easier. We usually have a hassle getting in and out at rest stops, attractions, etc. Not this time.

The construction is good. It is a nice, thick plastic. It comes in two pieces that you place around your buckle and snap into place. It is very to install. In face, our 11 year old daughter installed ours before I had the chance. I double checked to make sure it was right and it was perfect. She said it just snapped into place.

Check out this quick video by MyBuckleMate to see how to install it:

I’ve not noticed any wear in the MyBuckleMate. It is holding up nicely. It doesn’t interfere with the buckle or seat belt in any way either. I only holds it upright for easier management.

The MyBuckleMate can be purchased online and nationally at Hobby Lobby stores, in a 2 pack,  for $14.99 and is available in the following colors to match your vehicle:

  • Black
  • Cream
  • Gray
  • Tan

Not only is it great for kids but it is also very useful for folks with arthritic hands. My hands tend to draw after a lot of work or carrying shopping bags so I can see the MyBuckleMate really helping me out after a long day.

Have you tried MyBuckleMate?

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