Skincare Laser: Gift Yourself a Holiday Glow-Up with NIRA At-Home

You all know I love my NIRA at-home skincare laser. I have both the NIRA Precision and the NIRA Pro as well as their Hyaluronic acid. They are both super quick and easy to use. I’ve been sick the last several weeks and have slacked on my skincare routine. I realized this morning that there’s no reason I needed to skin my NIRA! I can use it even if I’m moody and in my bed. So, I’m giving myself a Holiday glow-up, at home.

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NIRA Ultimate Anti-Aging Collection: At-Home Skincare Laser

NIRA Skincare Laser

The NIRA Precision skincare laser is the original version of their skincare lasers. It was created to be used around the orbital eye area. With its smaller head, it is perfect for treating wrinkles on your nose, between your eyes and around your mouth. It’s approved for use around the eyes but can used anywhere on the face.

For going over larger areas, like your cheeks, neck and even chest, the NIRA Pro shines bright! It has a larger head and is slightly different in that it releases pulses of heat every time you touch your face. It also has a fan that comes on after a few moments.

I love them both! Along with my skincare laser, I also adore the NIRA Hyaluronic Acid! It is my number one must-have in my beauty and skincare routine aside from my DIY Frankincense serum. It is so soothing to the skin and adds tons of moisture. Be sure to use your favorite moisturizer after the serum to really lock in moisture.

Even though I have favorite products that I absolutely must have in my skincare arsenal, I’m lazy and get out of the habit of using them. When we have a trip or Holiday coming up I get them out and get serious about using them again.

My NIRA skincare laser never lets me down! I can use it for a few weeks before an event and get noticeable results. Of course, you should use it regularly to keep those results but my own crabby mood gets the best of me from time to time and I just get sulky and don’t do it. When I do, I look and feel so much better. That is something I’m working on this year: myself and my mood.

My skincare cannot take a backseat to my mood. If I want to look and feel my best, then what I eat and how I treat my skin absolutely has to be a priority.

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NIRA Skincare Laser and Serum
NIRA Skincare laser

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