Nurses With Wanderlust: A Guide To Travel Nursing

Nursing is a fantastic career opportunity where no two days are the same. However, not every nurse is happy being stuck in the same city or hospital. Fortunately, there are options for nurses who are ready to spread their wings and gain new experiences. Travel nursing is fantastic for anyone looking to satisfy their wanderlust, and here’s everything you need to know.

What is Travel Nursing?

Travel nurses take on short-term positions based on demand across the country. During the pandemic, the desperation for travel nurses was felt across practically every state. Even though restrictions are behind us, the demand for post-pandemic travel nursing is still fairly high. After all, the US is currently suffering one of the worst medical staff shortages in its history. By becoming a travel nurse, you have the opportunity to experience different environments throughout the year – just imagine being placed in Hawaii over the winter period.

Is Travel Nursing a Good Fit for You?

If you’re a nurse overwhelmed with the need to travel, you’ve most likely thought about whether the lifestyle will be right for you. The following qualities are all clear signs that you’re ready to take on the challenge:

  • You thrive on meeting new people.
  • You understand how to work hard and play hard.
  • You’re good at adapting to new situations.
  • You need to break away from your routine.
  • You’re passionate about traveling.

Motives for Becoming a Travel Nurse

Adventures and traveling aside, there are many different motivations for becoming a travel nurse. For example, the benefit packages and salaries are extremely attractive. As well as this, many hospitals will subsidize or pay for your accommodation, which is always a bonus. When it comes to work, a travel nurse will have the same privileges as full-time LPNs or RNs, meaning scheduling can be flexible.

How to Become a Travel Nurse

Before you become a travel nurse, you have to pass the NCLEX and become a fully trained RN. As well as this, you’ll have to build up at least two years of bedside training. If you can provide a specialization in areas like critical care, pediatric care, ER, and trauma care, you stand a better chance of beating the competition.

Before finding an agency, it’s important to have a very well-crafted travel nurse resume, it is essential to effectively showcase your diverse clinical experiences, certifications, and specialized skills. Highlighting your adaptability, patient care expertise, and ability to thrive in different healthcare settings can significantly elevate your chances of securing rewarding travel nursing assignments.

Once you’ve gained the correct qualifications and experiences, you need to find a staffing agency, which manages travel nurse placements. As with most agencies, not all of them will suit your particular needs. Therefore, you should research each agency to make sure each of the following aligns with your goals:

  • Housing provisions
  • Benefits
  • Salary including overtime and bonuses

Can Family Join You as a Travel Nurse?

If you’ve got a family to consider, you may want to move with them while you’re traveling. This is possible, but you’ll have to make sure the new location is safe. As well as this, making provisions for schooling can be challenging with the constant moving around. To make it work, you’ll have to work with your agency and partner.

Travel nursing comes with plenty of benefits and a decent salary, making it the perfect solution for professionals searching for opportunities to see the country.

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