Oldies But Goodies. Bringing Back Childhood Memories.

When I was a little girl I had this little brown record player. My mom and dad gave me a bunch of their old records with songs from the 50’s and 60’s. I remember sitting in my room and playing those records over and over again. I’m sure I drove my mom crazy but I just loved those records.

Oldies But Goodies

My two favorite songs were “I Will Follow Him” and “Teenage Idol”. I had them memorized by the first day. Of course, like I said, I played them over and over so it’s no wonder I had all the lyrics memorized. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and while all my friends were listening to Michael Jackson and Madonna, I was googly eyed (or… eared) over Ricky Nelson and Little Peggy March. I was SO not cool! But I didn’t care. It was kind of fun knowing music that they didn’t. I remember when a remake of “Locomotion” came out. I already knew all the words and my friends thought I was crazy! lol

My family and I had karaoke night here at home a couple weeks ago and I found those songs on the karaoke site we were using. We sang a couple of them and so many childhood memories flooded my mind. It’s funny how hearing old songs from your childhood really take you back in time and it really got me in the mood for some “Oldies” music.

I wasn’t sure where to find the particular songs I wanted to hear so I did a search online.Β There’s so many oldies but goodies at iOldies.com. It’s like an Oldies music record store. I’ve been looking online and found so many songs that were on those old records. I had forgotten about many of them. But as soon as I heard them I knew exactly where I remembered them from. With my mom no longer with us and my dad living several counties away, it’s so great to be able to listen to those songs and remember singing them with my mom and just being a kid. Sometimes I miss those days.

What are some things that bring back childhood memories for you?

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