5 Hosting Tips For Your Next Family Reunion

Hosting a family reunion isn’t easy. There are many age groups, comfort levels, and opinions to navigate. Choosing when and where is just the beginning when you’re in charge of planning a family reunion, so keep in mind the four tips below to make parts of the process easier on you.

5 Hosting Tips For Your Next Family Reunion

Host Outside Your Home

Location is very important when you are hosting a family reunion. Choosing a central city is a good idea, so relatives from both sides of the country can easily fly or drive in. Renting a vacation house means you all have a large comfortable place to stay. A city like Galveston is a good example of a central location that is very vacation friendly. You could also hire a shuttle bus Galveston Island TX to drive your group from one place to the next; that way your family won’t have to rent a car service. Also, if you are planning for a family wedding you can use a shuttle rental for wedding and your family can attend the wedding and back home in a hassle-free way.

Delegate Meal Planning and Preparation

Family reunions are all about spending time together and reconnecting after a long period away from each other, and there may be no better way to accomplish this goal than by eating together. Staying at a vacation home usually means you have a full kitchen to work in, so delegate the meal planning and preparation each day to a different couple or family unit within the larger group. Create a master spreadsheet with the assignments for the time you’re together, so everyone knows their expectations.

Plan a Variety of Activities

Not everyone in your family will feel comfortable jet skiing in the bay or will want to tour a pirate museum, so make sure you choose a place that offers a lot of activities for a variety of activity levels. Hiking is a great way to get children to spend time with their older relatives; a day at the beach is perfect for people of all ages. The whole family doesn’t need to spend every moment of the reunion together; in fact, that may be impossible. Just make certain to set aside a couple of activities for whole family fun.

Rotate Hosting

If family reunions are popular in your family, then you should make sure to rotate hosting and planning duties. Although your planned reunion may have been a huge success, you shouldn’t have to do it every year.

Reunions are a wonderful way to see loved ones and create more memories together. Plan one today and create some joy for your family.

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