Perfect Gifts For The Budding Photographer Or Videographer

Seeing your children get into a new hobby is always enjoyable. When it’s a creative pursuit, it’s fun to watch them learn to express themselves while developing important skills that they need to do so. It also gives you the perfect inspiration for gifts when holidays roll around or you need something for their birthday. If you want to encourage their newfound passion, the right gift could certainly do it. Photography and videography can both appeal to children and teenagers, especially those who have an artistic side. It’s great for helping to develop patience and a number of other skills too.

If you know a budding photographer or videographer, there are some great gifts that could encourage them to keep going with their new hobby.

camera: Perfect Gifts for the Budding Photographer
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A New Camera

A new camera is obviously the big one if you’re looking for a gift idea. It’s not something you want to buy very often, but it could be the perfect time to do so if your child is just starting to take a real interest in photography or filming. Maybe they’ve been using their phone until now, or an old camera that they’ve found somewhere in the house. A new camera could give them more features and tools, allowing them to learn more and do more. There are lots of cameras to consider and explore to get the right one.

Which camera you choose could depend on a few things. Firstly, the age of your child matters. You’re not going to buy anything too expensive for an eight-year-old. How much interest your child has shown in photography/videography and their history of sticking with new hobbies is important to consider too. Are they likely to drop it in a few months, or are they showing signs of developing a long-term passion? What they want to do with their camera matters too. A video camera could be better suited to those interested in filming, rather than a camera that’s primarily for photography but also includes recording features. Personal preference also comes into account. Maybe they love the retro look and feel of Polaroids.

A Drone

As well as standard cameras, you might also want to explore other gadgets. A standard camera is suitable for all kinds of photography, but a drone like the Mini 4 Pro could be a better idea for anyone interested in outdoor photography and videography. Drones allow you not only to film and take photos but to do so from an aerial position. This can be fantastic for all kinds of things, from capturing action shots to getting sweeping panoramas of incredible views. Drones do have to be used responsibly though, so you might want to wait until your budding photographer is mature enough to handle one.

Other types of cameras are worth exploring too. For example, action cameras like GoPros are good for filming and photographing lots of active or outdoor things. They can be used to capture sports or even set up as outdoor cameras or trail cameras to film wildlife.

camera: Perfect Gifts for the Budding Photographer
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Photography Lessons

Cameras and other equipment are a great option, but what you buy for a gift doesn’t have to be an object. It could be more of an experience, and photography or film lessons could be ideal. It’s an excellent way to help someone develop their skills and passion, as well as help them to decide if they really want to put in the effort to improve. Photography lessons could be something to do in the evenings, on weekends, or during school breaks. As well as in-person lessons, it’s worth exploring options that might be available online.

In addition to standard lessons, you could explore photography and videography experiences. These might be based around visiting somewhere or doing something and getting to practice photography skills along the way. They might focus on a certain type of photography, such as travel or nature photography.

Software Subscriptions

Cameras are only one of the tools that photographers and videographers might need. As well as being able to capture images or videos, another important skill is being able to edit them. For this, the right tools are required, and that means having editing software. Editing software isn’t essential, particularly for photographers, but it’s definitely useful and helps to develop a key skill. Although there are free tools that offer the basics, it’s worth investing in some more sophisticated software for those with a developing passion.

Photoshop is still a popular tool for editing photos, and Adobe’s other tool Lightroom is also a key contender. Other options are available at a range of price points, so it’s worth exploring which tool is the best choice. Adobe is also a top choice of video editing software thanks to their Premiere tools. New videographers likely don’t need Premiere Pro, but can find it easy to start off with Premiere Elements. Another option is CyberLink PowerDirector 365, which is a good choice for non-professionals. If they have it all they need as a photographer/videographer, you can give them something that compliments their work like a sound dubbing/voiceover tool.

Learning to use these tools can be a learning curve too. Investing in some lessons could be a good idea. However, many young people are able to find their way around new software with free online resources.

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Equipment Protection

If there’s one thing many children are known for, it’s definitely not being careful with their things. Some are better at handling expensive things with care, but even when they’re trying, accidents can still happen. That’s why some kind of protection for their equipment makes a lot of sense as a gift. It could be a case or a bag that protects their camera when they’re not using it. Other items for protection such as lens covers or cases for SD cards. While you’re considering protection, insurance is a good idea. It’s not a very exciting gift, but it is smart to take it out (or check if your home insurance covers any camera equipment).

Photography Studio Equipment

A lot of children and teenagers will enjoy getting out and about to take photos. But they can also find fun in photography or videography at home. Extra equipment isn’t essential for this, but it can definitely be useful. It could include lighting, for example, which allows control of the environment. Even a basic ring light can be a useful tool for taking better photos or recording videos. Other equipment and props for setting up a home studio might include a tripod, backdrops that could be used for taking photos, or things that could be used for building film sets.

Extra Storage

Digital photos and videos require storage. Some things might be deleted along the way, but it’s likely that a budding photographer or videographer is going to end up with a large collection of files. It might not be very interesting, but some additional storage can be a useful gift. When you’re looking at memory cards, you need to explore the various options, including sizes and speeds. As well as small cards used within cameras, another thing to look at is options for more long-term storage. This could mean a hard drive to transfer files to, or maybe cloud storage to allow for more images or videos to be kept safe.

Camera Care Items

Taking care of camera equipment is important too. You might want to consider a gift to help clean and maintain cameras or other items. This could include cleaning cloths, especially lens cloths. A blower can be used to gently blow dust and debris away from places where it shouldn’t be without risking any damage.

Consider these gifts for budding photographers and videographers to encourage their passion and help them develop their skills.

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