Pet Sitter Tips For Your Last Minute Holiday Plans

We’ve all been there. You’re booking a last-minute trip for the holiday and can’t bring Fido, and (gasp!) your usual pet sitter just scheduled a last minute trip for the holidays and is not available. What’s a dog owner to do?

Here are 4 quick pet sitter tips from to ensure your beloved pets have someone to watch them, no matter what life throws at you, so you can enjoy the holidays!

Pet Sitter Tips

  1. Get Organized Early

Plans change and emergencies will come up, but you can prepare for those moments when you need a pet sitter fast.  Make a checklist of training commands, feeding times, daily routines, emergency contacts, and any other special instructions.  This will eliminate a majority of the stress associated with “training” for a new sitter.  Write out pet care instructions and pack a doggie bag and that you can grab at any moment with the essentials your dog needs to sleep over at the sitter’s house.  When you’re calling that last minute pet sitting angel, they’ll likely be happy to take your dog if you’re organized.

  1. Create a Pet Sitter Contact List

It’s challenging to ask for last minute favors from friends and family, so create a special contact list for those willing individuals (especially those who want a pet of their own) to be called in for pet care at a moment’s notice.  Check out for qualified pet sitters who can also be called upon at the last minute.  If you are gone for several days over the holidays, you can also create a schedule and secure more than one person to share the work of taking care of your fur babies.

  1. Make Friends with Babysitters

Your dog is your baby, and if babysitters can take care of smaller humans, they can also take care of your pup. Keep a contact list of neighborhood babysitters, your friends’ kids, and those college students back for the holidays.  You will likely find a few young entrepreneurs ready to earn extra cash over the holidays.

  1. Be Flexible

Sure, you had those tickets booked for a short trip home for the holidays, but now your pet sitter is sick.  See about using your airplane tickets for a different trip, and get your car ready for a road trip.  You might have to take a few extra days off of work, but you could use a little adventure with your pup.  If you find yourself in need of a pet sitter at your destination, check out the Rover community of pet sitters who live in cities across the country.

Regardless of your plans (even the ones that fall through), we wish you a safe and fun-filled holiday season with all of your loved ones, even of the furry variety.

Author byline: Written by Tracy Vicory-Rosenquest, community member.  Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.

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