The Advantages Of Getting A Puppy From A Professional Breeder

Authentic breeders genuinely care about the puppies they produce. They will offer advice about raising your puppy properly, feeding it well and addressing any health issues that might come up. Responsible breeders can provide pedigrees that give you an idea of a puppy’s health history. They will also perform specialized genetic testing to ensure they aren’t breeding dogs prone to certain conditions.

They Are Well-Raised

A reputable puppy breeder has a lot of knowledge and experience with puppy raising. They know the best ways to socialize their pups so that they’ll be stable and ready to adapt to new situations as they come up in life. Ideally, a breeder will raise only one litter at a time. This prevents the female dog from becoming over-excited and causing hereditary issues in the puppies.

They will also introduce the puppies to people of all ages and genders, exposing them to long car journeys so they’re comfortable transitioning to their new homes. This will help avoid behavior problems like resource guarding (such as food, toys and favorite humans) in the future. They will also have worked on crate training so the puppies can sleep alone comfortably. Puppies who don’t have the skills to be independent grow into fearful and anxious dogs with an increased risk of behavioral problems.

They Are Healthy

A good breeder will know what signs to look for in their puppies to ensure they are healthy. They will also encourage you to take your puppy to a vet within a certain period after getting them home. When choosing a puppy, look for bright eyes with a relaxed appearance, a healthy coat free of bald spots and red or irritated areas, and a mouth that is clean and has no visible sores. Puppies should be happy, alert and full of energy but still be able to nap as needed. If you can, ask the breeder to show you both of the puppy’s parents. This will help you see if the mother is healthy and has no issues that could affect her pups.

They Are Well-Trained

Puppies from a reputable breeder are used to being handled and will have been socialized from a young age. This will help them adapt to a new home and ensure they are comfortable around humans and other dogs. A good breeder will confirm that both of a puppy’s parents are healthy before breeding them, reducing their chances of suffering from hereditary diseases. They will also typically provide you with a health guarantee, which can cover some of your initial veterinary costs. A good breeder feels responsible for the puppies they produce and will often take them back if anything should happen to you, such as a family member becoming ill or you having to move house. This gives you peace of mind that your dog will never be in a shelter.

They Are Affectionate

Many puppies from a breeder are very affectionate. They love to cuddle and often seek the warmth and comfort of their human companions, especially as they sleep. This caring nature is usually passed down genetically from their parents and siblings. Puppies also display affection by rolling over and showing their tummies, a sign of trust and submission. They may also shake their paws or nudge you with their foot to ask for attention. They may even crawl into your lap or fall asleep with you. A responsible breeder will not place one of their puppies in a home that cannot provide the dog with a good life. This includes situations like job loss, divorce or illness. Sadly, dogs that do not have permanent homes can wind up in shelters or roaming the streets, which many responsible breeders avoid at all costs.

They Are a Good Fit for Your Family

Reputable breeders take the time to assess your family and lifestyle. They are not looking to make a quick sale and want you to find a puppy that is a good fit for your home and will live a happy life. They will also give you an idea of the puppy’s temperament and energy level during your visit by watching how it interacts with its littermates. They also look for puppies that will get along with your children and other pets in the home.

A responsible breeder can also recommend a veterinarian that will provide quality care for your new pet. This will help ensure your dog gets off to a good start.

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