How To Host The Perfect Tea Party

Tea parties are a lot of fun, and if you thought they were just for little children and their stuffed toys, it’s time to think again. In fact, you can create the perfect tea party yourself and have the most amazing time that your friends and family are sure to remember for years to come. With that in mind, keep reading to find out more and see how you could start putting together your own wonderful tea party.

Choose The Venue 

Before you can organise the rest of your tea party, you need to know where it’s going to take place. You could opt to have the part in your home, and because it’s fairly simple and there wouldn’t be much to clear up, that could be a fantastic choice. Or why not hire a hall if you need more space and invite the community? It will be more work, but if you were to collect money for charity, it could work out really well. 

Once you know where your tea party will take place, you’ll need to consider the decor. Tea parties are generally quite elegant events, so you could use floral arrangements and white tablecloths in your decor to set the tone in the right way. And, of course, you’ll need some lovely decorative tea sets. If you don’t have one yourself (or you’re hosting a bigger party and you don’t have enough), there are places that will hire them out, so it’s worth taking a look. 

The Tea

A tea party really wouldn’t be a tea party without a variety of tasty teas to drink, so you’ll have to work out what types of tea you want to offer your guests. Have a wide range of options so everyone can find something they like – green, black, herbal, and flavoured options are all possible. Plus, don’t forget to have some decaffeinated tea versions just in case someone wants one. 

Although this is a tea party and the tea should be the star of the show, there might be people coming who just don’t like tea – make sure you have some coffee, hot chocolate, or perhaps some soft drinks so they don’t feel left out. 

Sweet Treats

A tea party needs tea, but it also needs sweet treats to enjoy with that tea. To really enhance the entire experience, you’ll need to think about what teas you’re serving and try to find treats that will pair well with those flavours. Light and delicate teas can be perfect with pastries, but stronger teas are best with more savoury treats or richer ones.

If you have the time, you can make your own cakes and pastries, but you’ll need to think about this in advance. Take a look at a fantastic puff pastry recipe here, and you’ll see what kinds of ingredients you’ll need and how long it might take. If you don’t have time, you can buy these things, but perhaps make it a priority to make your own for next time, as that’s always a fun element to include.

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