Meet Your Kitchen’s New Best Friend: The Whipped Cream Charger

Are you tired of whipping cream by hand? Or cleaning up your electric mixer after hoping it gets the texture right? Maybe you’re looking to try something new, like carbonated fruit as a refreshing snack. Perhaps you want to impress your friends with some frothy cocktails or a delicious espuma or some cheese foam. No matter what recipes you want to try, open up new doors in cooking, baking, and beverages with a whipped cream charger!

Whipped Cream Chargers 101

A whipped cream charger can also be known as a whippit, whippet, whip-it tank, and other names. But it all comes down to the same product: a metal canister full of compressed nitrous oxide, or N2O. You may have heard it referred to as laughing gas— that’s right, the same gas that helps you survive dentist procedures. You probably didn’t realize it also goes great with food and drinks!

Nitrous oxide contains a subtle flavor and is non-toxic in food, so it’s a great little secret for trying out certain dishes—- and whipping up the perfect cream. Chargers come in sizes ranging from 8G to 640G whip-it tanks (or just over a pound). What size you want will vary based on what you want to do with it. If you just make a light treat every now and again, you might not need much. But if you’re in the habit of making large batches of cupcakes, entertaining often, or running a small business or restaurant, you’ll want the larger sizes.

Now, whipped cream chargers don’t work alone. You need a compatible whipped cream dispenser and pressure regulator. Some dispensers have interchangeable nozzles, and they come in different sizes. Dispensers are where you add your ingredients and then the charger; regulators adjust the N2O so you get the perfect amount for your recipe.

A Note on Safety

Remember, even though N2O is safe to put in your food and drink, you are still handling compressed gas. Proper precautions should be taken for storage, including keeping the tanks out of reach of your pets and kids. N2O is popular on the recreational drug screen, but inhaling pure nitrous oxide straight from the tank leads to health complications and should be avoided at all costs. Be sure to follow the safety instructions included with your chargers to ensure everyone enjoys beautiful kitchen creations without getting hurt or sick.

How to Make Whipped Cream with Chargers

First, select what type of whipped cream you want to make. You can use the standard heavy whipping cream with sweeteners, or you can pick dairy-free substitutes. You can choose to make plain whipped cream or add flavorings like vanilla extract or cocoa. Be sure to start with chilled ingredients, as they whip up best.

Once you have your ingredients, add them to the dispenser and seal it. Make sure it is fully sealed before adding the charger, and then shake vigorously for around half a minute. This ensures that the nitrous oxide dissolves consistently throughout the cream, creating a perfect texture.

You will need to adjust the pressure based on your ingredients and how dense you would like your whipped cream. It may take a little trial and error to get used to, but before you know it, you’ll have picture-perfect, delicious whipped cream every time! Your whipped cream can hold its shape for a few hours, and any leftovers can be placed in the fridge for up to two days.

Benefits of Learning to Use Chargers

Whipped cream chargers have a lot to offer both personal creators and business owners. For one, they save a ton of time. If you have ever whipped by hand or relied on a mixer, you understand just how much. Remember, you only have to shake the dispenser for thirty seconds when making whipped cream.

The cost of premade whipped cream can add up over time, and you have less control over the ingredients. With a charger set up, you can choose your ingredients and cut costs. Business owners should note that they can expense the cost of chargers, as well as the initial purchase of the dispenser and the regulator.

Have you ever wanted to make your friends drool over what you bake, even when they aren’t around to taste it? Or perhaps you’re looking into digital marketing for your small bakery. Whipped cream dispensers offer Instagram-worthy results, so you can get that delectable picture and post it on all of your social media accounts.

Learning to use chargers in your kitchen can also open a new variety of recipes to try. As we mentioned in the intro, whipped cream chargers can be used for more than their namesake topping. You can make mousses, nitro coffee, infused oils or butter, and more!

So, what are you waiting for? You can find whipped cream chargers and their accessories online or in kitchen supply stores. Find the one that works best for you, and enjoy all the wonderful things you can make.

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