Relationship Advice To Make Special ‘Gnoments’

Being in a relationship is hard work. And to make it work you have to put in the care and effort. Both parties in a relationship have to be willing to go the extra mile to make it successful. But you don’t have to make grand, expensive gestures to show someone you love them. Small things do matter. And there are items out there that can help make those gestures even easier and even give you ideas of things to do for your loved ones. I have a relationship advice gift idea for something that can help create special moments with your loved ones. I can’t guarantee it will save a relationship but I can guarantee it will go a long way in saying “I love you”. Premarital counseling is a type of relationship therapy that helps prepare couples to enter into a long-term commitment.

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I received a complimentary set of these adorable little Gnoments to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own (and Clay’s) and were formed through personal testing and use of the product. They are so cute!!!!

Relationship Advice: Gnoments

Ok, so these little gnomes are here to help you keep the spark alive in a relationship. That doesn’t just mean a romantic relationship. But, any relationship. Husband/Wife, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, best friends, etc… They work for friends, family and every one in between. If you have someone you want to do something special for, Gnoments can help.

Gnoments come in pairs, a male and a female. They have a magnet in their hands that lets them hold hands and they will pull toward each other when set close together. Oh my gosh they are so cute and cuddly!

Relationship Advice: Gnoments

They also each have a pocket where you can insert a note, candy, small gift like jewelry, etc. Clay recently had to have emergency surgery to repair an umbilical hernia. He is going to be laid up for about a month and he’s feeling pretty down about it. Here it is Christmas, no work, a loss of our main income and no extra money. He’s pretty miserable right now. In pain, a little depressed I think. So I’m using our little Gnomes to give him a bit of Holiday cheer and to show him how much I love and appreciate him The first day, I put a little love note in the pocket of the girl Gnome and set her where he’d see her. I hadn’t written him a love note since we were dating. I felt a little giddy. It put a smile on his face. So I know it’s working.

Relationship Advice: Gnoments

Relationship Advice: Gnoments

If you are more tech minded, Gnoments also come with an embedded NFC chip so you can send sound clips, videos, etc. You can also use the Gnoments website to send an email or text message.

When you first get your gnomes you will log on to to register them and create your little avatar and name. You can also enter your email address and phone numbers for the folks you’ll be sending messages to. You can select your own name for your Gnome or have the website generate a random name. I chose ours based on the Cuppy Cake song that I sent to him once. I’m Sugarplum. He’s Honeybunch. 😀

Relationship Advice: Gnoments

The whole process is super easy. I’ll be sending Clay some text messages and things using the NFC chip and website. I plan on using the Gnoments each day to give him an inspirational message and say I love you. They come with a darling little book, too, that has ideas for ways to use your Gnoments.

Relationship Advice: Gnoments

The Gnoments Kit includes a boy and girl gnome and an illustration book. Each gnome has a special back pouch, and has an embedded NFC chip. The gnomes are made of plush felt with a bean bag bottom, an adjustable hat, and magnets in each hand so they hold hands. The 32-page illustrated story book, written in verse, demonstrates how to use your gnomes, provides fun gnome facts, and includes a log to record your special moments. The little gnomes and book are enclosed in a beautiful, sturdy box with a magnetic flap that opens to show the cover of the book.

I have had so much fun adding little messages to the pocket of our Gnoment gnome, for Clay. He read something once that said to tell your loved one Thank You every day. Thank you just for being there. And I feel like that is a wonderful way to strengthen any relationship. Gnoments helps take that a step further by adding a little extra oomph to your message.

Current price: $39.95

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What are some ways you would use your little Gnoments?

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