Revisiting The Best Episodes From Charmed

The reboot of the hit TV show, Charmed, follows sisters Macy, Mel, and Maggie through their adventures, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in their magical battles while still following them through their romances. With the series ending in its fourth season, some episodes will undoubtedly stick out more than the rest, with the following highlighting five of the most memorable.

Sweet Tooth

The sisters struggle with their training as Maggie tries to show up to her sorority while still trying to maintain her duties as a charmed one. She uses her magic to throw a party at their house and persuades Macy and Mel to use it as a chance to lure the harbinger. According to showrunner Brad Kern, the sisters later try to seal off the house with the help of Harry after learning about the death of three virgins, but not before Angela, a demon, enters the home. They are unsuccessful with the binding spell, leaving Mel with no choice but to cast a forbidden spell on Angela that almost leaves Macy dead.

When Sparks Fly

Macy has been taken by the dark lighter version of Harry against her will, and her sisters are frantic as they try to figure out her whereabouts. Mel and Maggie devise a plan that involves Maggie touching Jordan since this will allow her to get her powers back to help her find Macy. This works, and Mel and Harry head to New York. Knowing she is in danger, Macy looks for a way to get free, unaware that help is on the way.

The Enemy Of My Frenemy

The sisters are successful in helping Abigael, a fellow witch, vanquish demons that are after her, unknowing that this will create trouble for their new friend in the demon world. It also makes them a target for the demons, with the charmed ones seeking help from Parker. Fortunately, their alliance works, with all surviving the threat. On the other hand, Harry and Jordan gain unauthorized access to the faction facility, leading to Harry’s detention by the faction.

An Inconvenient Truth

After Julian figures out that the sisters are the charmed ones, he offers a public reward for information on Macy. Macy wants to rectify the situation by creating a potion to convince Julian that magic is not real. Maggie and Mel seek help from Jimmy, but unfortunately, Maggie’s powers change Mel’s mood for the worse. Macy eventually proves to Julian that his aunt is unforthcoming about the black amber, with Julian finally agreeing to help Macy by going against his aunt.

Be Kind. Rewind

Mel, Kaela, and Maggie find themselves in a paradise world created by Inara. Harry tells Kaela that she must free Mel and Maggie. Once all are free, Mel suggests that they drink black amber in the command center to regain the power of three. They, however, need a sample of Inara’s blood to do so. Inara kills Jordan after realizing he has been freed and sets out to find Mel, Maggie, and Kaela. They all manage to drink the black amber, getting their powers back. Inara, however, finds them and kills them all. However, Maggie uses Mel’s time-traveling powers to send a message back in time to alert their past selves of the looming danger.

While the series may have ended, the above are some of the show’s most loved snippets that will be reminiscent of the show’s success, with the series concluding only after four seasons.

Do you have a favorite episode of the newest Charmed series? I prefer the older version because that is the first I ever saw and watched it each week when it was on TV. Which do you prefer – new or og?

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