Download This Adorable Winnie The Pooh Valentine’s Day Kit

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I have such a cute Winnie The Pooh Valentine’s Day kit for your to download and print!

My kids loved Winnie The Pooh when they were little. I still love him today! Back in 2011, there was a new movie release of Winnie The Pooh and I had several printables for different Holidays. They could be downloaded in 2 separate files. Those are still there but I wanted to separate the ones that could be used specifically for Valentine’s Day.

In this new file you will find:

  • Winnie The Pooh Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages Activity Sheet
  • Hunny Cakes Pops Recipe
  • Winnie The Pooh Card box

Now, the card box was originally for Easter but it would be perfect to hold your child’s Valentine’s Day cards! (find our printable Valentine’s here – not Pooh themed)

The “Hunny” cake pops are perfect to give to your own special honey and the coloring and activity sheet is fun to do with your children or just on your own! Even as an adult, I love coloring and doing mazes and puzzles. It makes me feel young and brings some joy to my day.

These 3 files are included in a .zip file and will open as .pdf’s after you download, unzip and open them on your computer.

To use, simply print as many copies as you need and enjoy!

Click the button, below to download your files. You may need to enable pop-ups for it to open. Then save it to your computer and open from there.

Winnie The Pooh Valentine’s Day Kit

NOTE: These files were provided courtesy of Disney and were used with permission.

I hope you enjoy this printable Winnie The Pooh Valentine’s Day kit.

Do your kids exchange cards for Valentine’s Day? Mine aren’t little any more but we still buy or print the cute Valentine’s Day cards and exchange them as a family. I love making heart shaped pancakes and Cupid floats (recipe next week), decorating the house and going all out! My mama was born on Valentine’s Day and she loved going overboard on that day.

I think she got more enjoyment out of doing things for my dad and grandmother and me than she did even celebrating her birthday!

We celebrated her and she celebrated us! She will be missed but we will honor her memory by doing all the things she loved to do.

I hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy these Winnie The Pooh Valentine’s Day printables.

Printable Winnie The Pooh Valentine's Day Kit Pin

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