Perfect Valentine’s Day Ideas For Celebrating At Home

It’s currently 2021 2022 and as much as we hoped to leave the days of social distancing and quarantine back in 2020, it appears this ongoing pandemic has different ideas. In 2020, Valentine’s Day was one of the only holidays left untouched by the “new normal.” Remember the days you could actually have a romantic candlelight dinner inside a restaurant. Remember when you could smile across the table at your significant other (SO) without worrying about quickly sliding on your mask when the server approached the table? Remember the days where you could go to a bar after dinner for a cocktail (or three)? 

This year, Valentine’s Day might look a little different, but you can still give your SO a night to remember. Here are a couple of Valentine’s Day gift options, all vetted for these “unprecedented times.” Check out these perfect Valentine’s Day ideas for 2021 anytime.

Perfect Valentine's Day Ideas For 2021

1. For the Kitchen 

Recreate the atmosphere of your favorite romantic dining spot, all from the comfort of your own home. Order food from a local restaurant, then create your own ambiance for a perfect evening. You’ve probably already spent many evenings feasting from takeout containers while snuggled up in your favorites pajamas. While there’s nothing wrong with continuing this trend on Valentine’s Day, there are a few other options if you want to elevate your dining experience. 

  • Movie Night: Cover the couch with pillow, slide into your onesie and enjoy a rom-com movie marathon with your true love. For an extra treat, stock up on some fun popcorn seasonings to bring the movie theatre experience to life right inside your home. 
  • Fancy Dinner: Actually dust off your dining table and invite your SO for a romantic dinner. Pull out a tablecloth and some candles to set the scene. For an added bonus, dress up in your favorite pre-pandemic finery. Put on some makeup and trim the beard because tonight the two of you are going out on the town (aka into the dining room). The photoshoot alone will make all your Instagram followers swoon. 
  • Dinner and a Show: You don’t have to order out on Valentine’s Day. You and your loved one can enroll in a virtual cooking or mixology class for the special night. Roll up your sleeves and bust out your kitchen utensils. Meals taste so much better when you’ve made them from scratch.

2. For the Bedroom 

Luckily “staying at home” can mean staying in the bedroom. Feel closer than ever with matching underwear for couples. Stray from the normal routine with some fun, unique or romantic atmospheric ideas:

  • Romantic Roses: You’ve seen it in your favorite rom-coms and now you can bring it to life! Grab some champagne and candles and cover the bed in rose petals. Cover your SO’s eyes and surprise them with mood lighting, music and passion. For an extra special delight, provide your partner with some romantic accessories to ensure added excitement for what’s to come.
  • Love Shack: Missing your yearly travels? Turn the bedroom into your own romantic destination based on you and your SO’s favorite exotic location. Love the romance of Paris? Share some French cuisine while projecting Parisian landmarks on your bedroom walls. Miss the hot sand and cool waters of your favorite islands? Grab your swimsuits and transform your bathroom into a sensual spa with candles, strawberries and lots of bubbles.

While Valentine’s Day might have looked a little different in 2021 and , possibly, again this year, there are still several ways to make it fun and romantic. After all, no worldwide pandemic that shares a name with a beer is going to ruin our fun. At the end of the day, staying home just gives you more hours to spend in the bedroom. I hope you enjoy these Valentine’s Day ideas for celebrating at home!

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