Santa Is Coming To My House By Steve Smallman


Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year. And I love reading books about the Holidays, Christmas and Santa. Books like Santa Is Coming To My House, by Steve Smallman.

Leading up to Christmas we love to read books together and watch movies each night that reflect the season and Christmas.  We play Christmas music every day after Thanksgiving and bake cookies, make fudge, Spiced Pecans and Jam Cake. It is just such a festive time in our household. One that really incorporates Jesus and the Christmas Spirit.

But we also include a little Santa and Reindeer fun in the mix too. My kids know that their gifts come from us. We’ve never had a discussion about if Santa is real or not. But they do know that their daddy and I buy there presents. Due to lay offs and financial strain, some Christmases are less “gifted” than others. Santa is believed to bring what kids ask for on their wish lists and we can’t always do that, so we just don’t “Do” Santa in the traditional sense. But we do incorporate Santa fun. If that makes sense.

One way is through books about Santa. We also make decorations and coloring pages, etc. One of my favorite new Santa books is the one I mentioned up above: Santa Is Coming To My House by Steve Smallman. It is written in such a fun way. Santa and his helpers have a great sense of humor. They have trouble finding their destination when they get caught up in a blizzard. His “SantaNav” (aka GPS) isn’t much help when he can’t even see where he’s going. The smallest reindeer, who is always off munching carrots, thinks he has a way to help them get through the Blizzard. I’m not telling the ending though. No more spoilers from me! 😀


The illustrations, by Robert Dunn,  are gorgeous! The colors are bold and the drawings are super cute and eye catching. The layout of the text is really fun too. It curves and waves across the pages and has fun little inside joke captions here and there.


It is really a fun book to read. And my kids love it. In fact, I’ve been asked to read this same book three nights in a row. AND I’ve found the older kids reading it by themselves! So they must really enjoy it. And so do I! I will read it every night if they as me to.


There is something else fun about this book. You can get it based on various cities and not just “my house”. In addition to Santa is Coming to My House, The series includes the following cities/states: Arizona, Boston, California, Chicago, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New England, New York, Ohio, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Texas, the Carolinas, the Rockies, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington, Wisconsin.

Santa Is Coming To My House (and select cities) is available on line at sourcebooks for $9.99

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary book to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.


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